TDQ’s Guide to Easy Spring Cleaning

(Image Credit: Konstantin Yuganov)

(Image Credit: Konstantin Yuganov)

It’s almost time to put away your long underwear, ladies and gents. In just a few short weeks, spring will have sprung! Bring in the warm weather the right way and give yourself a fresh start to the new season by doing some spring cleaning. Trust me, I know, cleaning is just not all that fun. Your clothes are strewn in an organized mess and you’ve gotten used to that stack of magazines next to your bed, right? As much as you might like to tell yourself that, just trust me that it will feel amazing to have a squeaky clean place once that sunshine is peeking through your windows and catching every little dust particle in sight. Here’s your guide to spring cleaning the easy way!


Step 1: Tackle the clutter

It’s way too hard to actually get things clean when surfaces are covered with all your stuff. First things first, pick up whatever is in your way. Put away all those clothes, organize your jewelry, and clean off every countertop so that you can see the surfaces for quite possibly the first time in months.


Step 2: Sweep away dirt

Once you’ve cleared a sufficient space, it’s time to get scrubbing. First, get rid of any dirt, dust, and rock salt that probably has collected on your floor. You can also tackle dusting off surfaces and getting into the crevices of windows. This part can get pretty gross, but it will be well worth it once your space is sparkling clean again.


Step 3: Re-vamp your wardrobe…

This is the fun part! When you’re all done with the actual cleaning process, it’s time to get everything ready for spring. Get back into those clothes you so carefully put away and force yourself to get rid of anything from your winter wardrobe that you didn’t touch all season and anything from last spring that you won’t be wearing this year. I know it can be hard to part with those clothes that you thought about wearing a few times, but it will feel great to just do it.


Step 4: …and your surroundings

This step definitely is not necessary, but if you want to get more in the spring mood, switch out a few items in your house. Get rid of those heavy blankets and pine scented candles and add in some bright accent pillows and fresher scents in their place. It isn’t a big change, but it will feel like a totally new environment.


Let us know if you think there’s anything essential that needs to be done to get your place spring ready. Good luck on your spring cleaning endeavors, readers!

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