What’s the Big Deal About…Marina and the Diamonds?

Marina and The Diamonds is a singer popular for hits like Primadonna and Oh No!, the latter of which was featured on the Nintendo game Just Dance 4. She describes herself and her music style as an “indie artist with pop goals.” Her style of music has attracted many, but her style as a person has attracted a lot of people, too. So here is a little peek into the life Marina leads that makes her fans adore her so much.

She loves leotards. Like, a lot.

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Lollapalooza Argentina.

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She’s very outspoken about issues.

She has her priorities straight when it comes to dealing with constant travel.

She’s very supportive and open with her fans.

All in all, Marina is a very appropriate celebrity to look up to. She promotes self-expression through her music and fashion. She’s also never afraid to speak her mind, and encourages others to do the same and be true to themselves. So go download her older albums like The Family Jewels and Electra Heart album to see what attracted fans to her! And then, if you enjoyed that, download her new album FROOT to see how she has progressed her significant style.

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