4 Reasons ‘BrainDead’ is Summer Must-See TV

BrainDead (Image Credit: CBS)

BrainDead (Image Credit: CBS)

Last summer, UnREAL and Mr. Robot proved that summer TV could be just as good as the real thing, and this summer’s new shows picked up right where those left off. But the number one show you need to be watching right now is CBS’s BrainDead.

BrainDead features a stellar cast, a wacky premise, and a boatload of fun. Even better, the season has just started, so you can definitely still catch up. Want to know more? Check below for all the reasons you should watch this awesome new show!

It’s Creepy

The basic idea behind BrainDead is that bugs from outer space start invading the brains of politicians. Not only is it super creepy watching all the bugs crawl around – especially since they look like ants, and I hate ants – but you also sometimes get to see people’s heads explode. Or at least the aftermath of people’s heads exploding.

Plus, everyone in Washington, D.C. starts acting super weird, but it’s hard to tell if they have bugs or not. By the end of a couple episodes of BrainDead, you might just be paranoid, trying to figure out who exactly has been infected. Luckily, that’s part of the fun of the show!

It’s Funny

If creepiness isn’t your thing, BrainDead has plenty more to offer. While the show is also part political drama and science fiction thriller, it’s the humor of the thing that really makes BrainDead work. It may be a subtle kind of humor – BrainDead is part satire, after all – but it’s quirky and, even better, hilarious.

One of the people main character Laurel Healy talks to in the first episode brings her senator brother a dog made entirely out of chocolate. The space bugs are obsessed with The Cars song You Might Think, of all things. And Laurel repeatedly sees two grown men sharing a candy bar, like that’s a totally normal thing.

If you’re looking for a delightfully weird show, look no further than BrainDead.

It’s Relevant

Look, I mostly hate dealing with politics, but because BrainDead is a satire, it makes politics interesting and fun. Also, like any good satire, it uses that fun to point out how messed up the system is. In this case, you’ll see clips from the current Presidential race in the background.

BrainDead basically says that politics are so confusing and strange right now because space bugs have infected people and are making them do confusing and strange things. Sounds legit, right? I mean, can you think of a better explanation?

It’s Musical

Hands down, my favorite part of both the second and third episode were the previouslies. You know, that section at the top of a TV show that you always skip when binge watching because you already know what happened last week? Well, BrainDead has found a way to make them amazing!

The previouslies on BrainDead have been turned into minute-long folk songs, which means you’ll never have to skip one ever again. As a bonus, the songs are super catchy, so when you can’t get the songs out of your head, you can freak people out by going around singing about heads exploding. What could be better?


With this combination of creepiness, hilarity, relevance, and musicality, BrainDead has a lot going for it, and you should definitely tune in to see where that takes the show. Fans of The Good Wife or Graceland will be extra interested because BrainDead comes to us from the creators of the former and features Aaron Tveit from the latter.

BrainDead is well on its way to being just as good and popular as The Good Wife, and if you start watching now, you can get in on the ground floor. Tell all your friends, and BrainDead will spread faster than space bugs in D.C.

New episodes air Mondays at 10/9c.

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