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The solace of the shower is one of the few moments in life when our attention is not trained on a smart device. Without the pixelized stimulation we’re accustomed to, our brains tend to turn to life’s great questions for entertainment and nothing illustrates this better than r/Showerthoughts, a subreddit where people post- you guessed it, their shower thoughts. Continue reading

I Don’t Care If It’s Petty; Being Social Media Official is Important to Me


I can remember the first time my boyfriend posted a picture of us together on his Instagram calling me his girlfriend. I cried. That may sound overly dramatic and cheesy, so let me back up a little and give you some backstory. When my boyfriend and I first started dating it was meant to be something casual. Neither of us was looking to get into a relationship and we were more dating for the sake of why not. When it became obvious to both of us that this was going to be something a little more serious than a few fun nights out, I was in no way prepared for being in a relationship with a social media stoic.

To say he’s relationship reserved and I’m an all out there kind of girl is an understatement. As soon as I was sure I wanted this guy in my life on a more permanent basis, my natural reaction was to start sharing posts about him with my friends. Selfies from dates and status updates about cute things he did began dotting my social media. It was all fine and dandy until time began to pass without him ever doing the same. I immediately began to wonder, does he not want people to know he’s dating me? Is there someone on social media he wants to seem single for? Crazy thoughts went abound and drove me slightly batty for a few good weeks.

Now you may be saying to yourself, this still sounds dramatic, and if you are then you’re probably someone like my boyfriend; an individual who gives little thought to social media and is in fact not trying to do anything nefarious by not posting about their significant other. But if you feel me in the least bit, you’re probably someone like me who puts a certain level of importance on what gets posted on social media.

Let me be clear, I don’t think social media itself is important and realize it’s rampant with superficial posts and lies about how happy and beautiful everyone is. No, what matters to me is whether or not someone deems you important enough to share with friends, family and the world. If they think you’re so attractive that they can’t wait to show you off and so wonderful that they can’t help telling people about it, that’s what matters.

After letting his lack of posting drive me nearly crazy, I talked to my boyfriend about the many ridiculous scenarios I had worked up in my overactive imagination for why he hadn’t posted about me and explained it just like that. His reaction was mostly “Huh?” with a lot of “Why would you think that?” followed by “I’ll go post something.” He didn’t quite get why it mattered so much to me, but at the same time cared that it did and proceeded to post a picture with a sweet caption calling me his girlfriend shortly after. And I cried.

It meant a lot to me that although he didn’t see how being social media official how I did at all, he wanted to make me feel happy and secure in our relationship. It was a small gesture that many would find insignificant, but it was exactly what I needed at that point in our relationship.

Now I know there’s going to be someone saying if you had to ask it wasn’t worth it. But that my friends is one of the most dangerous sentiments you can have in a relationship. Our significant others aren’t psychics. We can’t expect them to know that we’re quietly sitting next to them coming up with a million different scenarios for why they’re not doing something we never asked them to do. So if being social media official is important to you, no matter how petty or insignificant other people tell you it is, don’t hold it in and imagine your significant other is not posting about you for every horrible reason under the sun. Talk to them about why it matters to you and hopefully you’ll find that your social media stoic is happy to post about you if it means making you happy in return.

Celebrity Instagram Accounts: Pet Edition 2

Whether people like to admit it or not, everyone is a little obsessed with a celebrity or two. But what could be better than famous people’s famous pets? Whether it’s the Obama’s dogs or Justin Bieber’s monkey, pets usually make the news. So here’s a peek at the pets you may not have seen yet.

Bella Thorne’s cat Lola

Ariana Grande’s dog Sirius Black

Miley Cyrus’ pig Bubba Sue

Taylor Swift’s cat Olivia

Cara Delevingne’s bunny Cecil


Were those not the cutest pets you’ve seen today? Sometimes I follow celebrities strictly to see their pets. So go follow them today to make your day a little brighter!

How to Pretend You Haven’t Googled Someone Before a Date

(Image Credit: pathdoc)

(Image Credit: pathdoc)

There’s a lot that can be said about the ability to Google someone before a date. If you’ve met them online or through a dating app, this can be the best way to make sure they are who they say they are. Safety aside, it can be hard to not search out of blatant curiosity. “Do we have a lot in common? What does he do for a living? Do his friends look like people I could get along with?” All valid questions! We’ve probably all done it at some point. Not a big deal, but in an attempt to not to come off too creepy, follow this advice to make your date feel as natural as possible.


Keep your lips sealed

So you’ve looked him up and you hit the Google jackpot: you found it all. You know what sports he played in school, saw pictures circa 2009, what he wore to his sister’s wedding, and what kind of person his ex seems to be. All interesting, but definitely not worth sharing with him. If anything you already know comes up in conversation, do yourself a favor and act like it’s the first time you’re hearing about it. Don’t be like me and tell him that your mom watched his high school graduation speech and definitely approves.


Ask lots of questions

Again, pretend it’s all a mystery to you. Ask anything that comes to mind or maybe already came to mind and you already know the answer to thanks to your internet stalking spree. It doesn’t matter either way. If you don’t ask, you’ll come across as uninterested. If you do, he’ll definitely be impressed with how engaging you are. Plus, if you already have some idea of what he’s into, you can ask questions that you think will probably spark an interesting conversation. Just don’t be obvious about it.


Act normal

Do everything in your power to not be awkward when he brings up something you found out on your own. Maybe even practice your poker face before you two meet up. The last thing you want to do is ruin your date because he sees your uncomfortable reactions and has no idea why you’re wincing at the mention of his childhood friend Alex. Just smile and nod and change the subject if you really must.


If you must do some pre-date sleuthing, then go for it ⎼ just don’t let it blow up in your face. Besides sharing with your best friend, of course, keep that knowledge inside for the time being. Maybe if all goes well you can even own up to it one day.

Snapchat with Celebs: Who should you be following?

Snapchat with Celebs: Who should you be following?It’s no secret that celebs are all about social media. First, the trendy thing was Twitter. Then, everyone started making Instagram accounts (and thank God for that — what would we do without the knowledge of what Chrissy Teigen eats at every meal?). Now, it seems like everyone who’s anyone has Snapchat. Although it can get a little TMI with certain people, Snapchat is actually a pretty cool way to keep up with your favorite celebrities on a more personal level. Check out these famous accounts if you’re looking for some serious entertainment!

Shay Mitchell (@officialshaym)

Shay is one of my favorite Snapchatters. She’s the type of person that is always doing something, and she seems to always be willing to share her adventures with her fans. As of recent, her snaps have been filled with book signings for her new novel, Bliss, as well as with fun photo shoots and filming of Pretty Little Liars.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest)

That’s right, everyone’s favorite host has a Snapchat! Here, you can get a behind-the-scenes look at red carpet events and see footage that you won’t find on any televised coverage.

Justin Bieber (@rickthesizzler)

As we’ve learned from recent events in Bora Bora, the “What Do You Mean?” singer is certainly not camera-shy. The Biebs loves taking pouty selfies and snapping clips of his fans at various concerts.

Calvin Harris (@calvinharris)

I’ll be honest and admit that I’m here mostly for any romantic T-Swift shots (which have yet to appear on my phone screen), but in the meantime, the DJ is quite active on Snapchat nonetheless. He’s a bigger fan of the selfie than you might guess, although he tends to take a more humorous route than Bieber, often poking fun at himself and those around him.

Rihanna (@rihanna)

I love Rihanna’s Snapchat stories. They’re just what you’d expect from her, if a bit more toned-down. Last week, she showed her fans a full day of wine tasting with her mother and friends and gave us a peek inside the primping process before a big event, because who doesn’t want to know what the day in the life of Rihanna is like?

Kylie Jenner (@kylizzlemynizzl)

I think it is safe to say that Kylie is the queen (or shall we say #kingkylie?) of Snapchat. She’s probably the most active out of everyone on this list, and shares a large variety of snaps, as well. On a regular day, you’ll probably see her getting her hair and makeup done, playing with her dogs, videos of her friends, shots of her many expensive cars and famous boyfriend Tyga hanging around her house. In short, Kylie never fails to keep her fans in the know.

Let us know what your favorite Snapchat accounts are below, and be sure to give some of these celebs a follow!

The Top 5 People Dominating Vine

The Top 5 People Dominating VineHow often have you been scrolling Tumblr or Twitter and seen a Vine star that you know you’ve seen more than once? I know I personally find myself scrolling through Vine when I can’t sleep and next time I look up, it’s 2 a.m. For six-second videos, they sure can take up a lot of your attention! Even if you’ve never even opened the Vine app, there is a high chance you’ve seen or heard of these five Vine stars.

  1. Lele Pons

Lele Pons was the first Vine star to surpass a billion loops. The Miami-based star coined the phrase “Do it for the Vine!” which involves ridiculous activities like pieing a police officer or getting in the back of a random truck. Most of her Vines include her trying to get a boyfriend and how difficult it is to be a girl.

  1. Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders is known for his clean and family friendly Vines. Besides his Stitch and Stewie impressions, he very rarely alludes to anything pop culture related and is a breathe of fresh air when everyone is doing very similar things. Sanders is famous for his Storytime! Vines which entail him narrating a stranger’s life and them reacting to him.

  1. King Bach

Bach is a Vine star that has probably benefited the most from his popularity on the app. He has made Vines with celebrities like Justin Bieber, Tyga and Kendell and Kylie Jenner. He has also landed roles on TV shows like The Mindy Project and Wild ‘n Out. His Vines usually revolve around unfaithful relationships and jokes with his friends.

  1. The Gabbie Show

Like a lot of Vine stars, Gabbie focuses on relationships and lack thereof. But she is still hilarious and includes her friends and fellow Vine stars Jessi Smiles and Axl James. If thousands of six-second videos of Gabbie isn’t enough for you, she also works for Buzzfeed and has a weekly Youtube show called Just Between Us.

  1. Meechonmars

Honestly, no one on this list makes me laugh as hard as Meech. All his Vines are pretty random. They cover friends, relationships, and parents. All in all, it’s not hard to find a video by Meech that you can relate to and laugh at. Meech definitely falls under the not family friendly category, especially when his friend and fellow Vine star Dope Island is involved.

Like Twitter and Instagram, Vine is the perfect app for self-expression and time wasting. So next time you can’t sleep or need a laugh – download the Vine app! And be sure to subscribe to the top five mentioned here because you can’t go wrong with them as you delve further into the world that is Vine.

Essena O’Neill: Social Media is Not Real

Essena O’Neill: Social Media is Not RealRecently the internet has been blowing up about Essena O’Neill quitting social media. She deleted her very popular Tumblr page and edited many of the captions of her pictures on Instagram.

For example, in this picture on Instagram, the model wrote about being paid to promote a tanning product and how appearance on social media is deceiving and should not be something to strive for.

She also posted a 12 minute video on Vimeo explaining why she decided to quit social media. She says that followers and likes cause insecurity and leads to never being satisfied with yourself.

There have been two sides responding to O’Neill’s message this week. Some applaud her and support her advocating for people to stop viewing social media as if it’s realistic because a lot of work and effort goes into those pictures and often they are the opposite of natural. On the other hand, critics of the model have been slamming her, as they believe this whole ordeal involving the model is just a publicity stunt in order to gain more popularity. Whether they are right about O’Neill’s intentions or not is unclear, but the model has definitely gained more followers on her Instagram and YouTube account.

However, if young and impressionable girls and boys see O’Neill’s message and realize that their worth is not measured by their appearance, followers, or likes on social media, then her anti-social media campaign will have accomplished a step in the right direction.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Social Media

What a time to be alive! A millennial such as myself is fortunate enough to be born in an era where social norms have exceeded our ancestral expectations. Information is only a click away thanks to the internet, there are drones being used in all sorts of ways and we even have hoverboards being utilized as a substitute for walking. Social media has also changed the landscape in ways we couldn’t even dream of 20 years back. But is social media all good? Are we hurting ourselves long term by relying too much on conveying our communication skills through an app? Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of social media.

The Ugly:

We love to think we’re always right, but in reality we’re not. In the comfort of our own home we especially love playing arm-chair psychologist when it comes to judging the misfortune of others. Unfortunately those who engage in social media love to take it to a whole new level. Whether it’s clowning an athlete and bringing his personal life into it or judging a television star selfie, social media users will take shaming to the next level. Sadly, adults are usually the ones pulling the strings (or typing in this case). Makes me wonder why one is so comfortable tearing an individual down from their couch. Oh wait, now I know…

The Bad pt.1:

Shame is a tactic used to belittle the individual you’re addressing. As Dr. Brene Brown said in her book Daring Greatly, “Shame is the most powerful, master emotion. It’s the fear that we’re not good enough.” Whether it’s about race, status or education, tactics like shame are used to show superiority over another person. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen people use shame as a tactic to attack individuals whose beliefs don’t align with theirs. Social media is a forum that allows one to express themselves through pictures or opinions. Constructive criticism is one thing, but hating on someone because of their views on a particular subject is ridiculous.

The Bad pt.2:

The aspiration nowadays for young people is to become “YouTube famous” or anything in the realm of social media popularity. It’s a numbers game for some folks, where the amount of “followers” or “friends” they have boost up their egos. Low self-esteem, insecurities, or just life in general can play a part as to how one uses social media. Instead of it being used as a way to pass time many find it as a utility to escape what’s really eating them from the inside.

The Good pt.1:

Finally some positive news! You may be asking yourself “is social media is all that bad?” My answer to that is no. If utilized correctly, it can be such a useful tool to get a whole new perspective on things. Special events like the Olympics or MTV awards have such a following, and it’s great to engage with like-minded individuals who may or may not like the same athlete or artist as you, but are able to communicate with one another and discuss on such topics. On top of that, who can pass up sharing a funny meme? I know I can’t.

The Good pt.2

Believe it or not I’ve actually made some cool friends off of social media. I hit it off with a few where we actually got to meet in person. Networking is an important facet of life. Whether it’s for work to spread your ideas or to branch out and form personal relationships, social media can play an integral role in creating those bonds.

Again, do I hate social media? No, but do I believe some form of etiquette can be used while engaging others? Hell yeah! If you have the decency to act right with people in person, why’s it so hard to use those same principles behind a computer screen?


Ashleeeybash: Socalitybarbie pokes fun at social media & I don’t blame her!

(Image Credit: Socality Barbie/Instagram)

(Image Credit: Socality Barbie/Instagram)

Let’s be real. There will always be someone trying to be internet famous SOMEHOW whether it be through a viral fail video or Instafamous all because of their epic photos. I came across the IG handle “socalitybarbie” who basically pokes fun at it all. Just remember, not everything is as it seems on screen. Continue reading

The Best of Instagram: On-Set Edition!

I am a seasoned professional at getting so involved in a TV show that I find myself looking for more before the next episode. Behind-the-scenes pictures and videos always seem to do the trick! Social media is always the first place I turn when I’m looking for some juicy info on my favorite shows. These fabulous television stars give us everything we need and more when it comes to snapping pics on-set!

Found a bts photo from 501 #scandal

A photo posted by Tom Verica (@realtomverica) on Sep 29, 2015 at 12:26pm PDT

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsTom Verica@realtomverica If you don’t know who Tom Verica is, it’s time you find out. If you watch How to Get Away with Murder you would know him as Sam, the husband of Annalise Keating who gets killed in Season 1. When he’s not playing a dead husband to Viola Davis, he’s an executive producer and occasional director on Scandal. Verica always seems to be working and shares the wealth with all of us Gladiators! His “#PeepingTom” posts allow us all to get a peek at what they’re working on!    


Matt McGorry@mattmcgorry

When you follow Matt McGorry you get a two-for-one! Not only do you get hysterically funny posts all the time, but he posts from behind the scenes of both How to Get Away with Murder and Orange is the New Black! Even if you’re not interested in either of those shows I would highly recommend following him anyway, because he is downright hysterical.

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsSophia Bush@sophiabush Sophia Bush is constantly posting all kinds of photos on her Instagram. If you’re a fan of Chicago PD you should definitely check it out! She posts pictures from the set all the time, and even occasionally throws in a TBT from her days on One Tree Hill!

HUMANS!!! #MadamSecretary comes back October 4, but you can catch up with the McCords now on @Netflix! A photo posted by Tim Daly (@timmydaly) on Sep 14, 2015 at 11:47am PDT


Tim Daly@timmydaly

Humans! (You’ll understand if you follow Daly…) He posts some great BTS pics straight from the set of his show Madam Secretary! Fans of the show are usually frustrated because it always gets pushed back for the oh-so-important football. Daly’s posts will help calm your anger as you wait!

What a pleasure to direct this beauty, this talent. Thank you thank you thank you @charayro #bravebeauty

A photo posted by Mariska Hargitay (@therealmariskahargitay) on Nov 10, 2015 at 8:06pm PST


Mariska Hargitay@therealmariskahargitay

I don’t know many people who don’t like Law & Order: SVU! Hargitay has been on the show since day one and must have an incredible stash of behind-the-scenes photos from years past. Between the A-list guest stars and crossover episodes, Hargitay’s Instagram has no shortage of goodies for the SVU fan!

I love a good look into the world of a television show and these celeb accounts are definitely a great place to start! If you have a favorite celeb that posts great on-set photos let us know in the comments!

New Bumble Dating App Puts the Ball in the Ladies’ Court

(Image Credit: Moxco Inc.)

(Image Credit: Moxco Inc.)

Alright all my single ladies. It has happened. Technology has put the ball in our court!

You’re probably thinking, “What in the world is she talking about?” Well, let me explain. The other day I was watching The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Noah’s guest was Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe. At first, I had no idea who she was and what Bumble even meant but after Noah explained she’s a co-founder of the hit app Tinder… it all made sense. On the show, Wolfe was promoting her brand new app, Bumble, which is a bit like Tinder… but with a twist! Continue reading

Social Media, Anxiety and YOU

(Image Credit: ViewApart)

(Image Credit: ViewApart)

“Did someone like my status? Or see my newest picture on Instagram?” “I know I didn’t get a notification, but it won’t hurt to check just to be absolutely completely sure that nothing new happened on Facebook.” Yes, I’m one of those people. Someone who checks his social media accounts periodically, even when he knows decently well that nothing has happened. Rationally, I know it seems like borderline insane behavior – or at least the behavior of someone who is very anxious. But, at the same time, I know plenty of people just like me… Is social media making us crazy? Continue reading

Want to be Just like your Favorite Celeb? There’s a social media app for that!

Taylor Swift and Ryan Seacrest (Image Credit: Ryan Seacrest/Snapchat) / Reese Witherspoon (Image Credit: Sophia Vegera/Dubsmash) / Katy Perry as a Bitmoji Left Shark (Image Credit: Katy Perry/Bitmoji)

Taylor Swift and Ryan Seacrest (Image Credit: Ryan Seacrest/Snapchat) / Reese Witherspoon (Image Credit: Sophia Vegera/Dubsmash) / Katy Perry as a Bitmoji Left Shark (Image Credit: Katy Perry/Bitmoji)

Apps of every shape and size have quickly taken the world by storm. In this ever growing age of technology, everybody with a smartphone, tablet or computer is using them. I look over and see my grandparents playing Candy Crush and checking the weather on their favorite weather apps. It’s a world where there is literally something for everyone, and people will do anything they can to find an app that helps to make things convenient. Celebrities are no different than the rest of us when it comes to our love for apps! For the most part, a lot of apps only become really popular after being used by a big name celeb. We’re taking a look inside some of their favorite social apps including Snapchat, Dubsmash and Bitmoji! Continue reading

5 Crazy Products You Can Have Made With Instagram Photos

(Image Credit: Printstagram)

(Image Credit: Printstagram)

Can you believe Instagram only a few years ago? The iPhone app (now also available for Android) has become the most popular place to post selfies, #ootd and party pictures. But what do we do with our photos after the likes and comments have stopped coming in? Do we let them fade into the past, never to be seen unless someone decides to scroll through every picture on our page? Not according to the internet! Instagram photographers everywhere can immortalize their pics in a variety of ways. You can now buy postcards, t-shirts and wall art featuring your Instagram masterpieces. There are many, many options for printing out your Instagram photos…Here are my top 5 products that you just might have to invest in: Continue reading