What Your Astrological Sign REALLY Says About You

Horoscopes. Some people love them, some people put no stock into them. Sometimes, though, they are scary accurate. So there has to be some truth to the traits applied to us all based on our zodiac sign, right? Eh, maybe. Sometimes those descriptions are just a bit too sugar-coated…Cancers are the best cooks! Libras are the best lovers! Leos will perform the best in a marathon! And blah, blah, blah. What if horoscopes told us the downright truth? Well, if your horoscopes were like a blunt, bitchy friend, this is what they would have to say. Only continue if you can handle the truth. You’ve been warned.

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DIY What’s Your Sign Constellation Art by Hello Paper Moon

I think a handmade gift is always more thoughtful than some mass produced knick knack or gift card and when I came across this lovely DIY What’s Your Sign Constellation Art print by Hello Paper Moon I found the next homemade creation I will be gifting this holiday season. I know some people who love astrology who will really appreciate a print made just for them and I cannot wait to give it a try!

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