Quirky Item of the Week: ION iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad

The iCade Cabinet by ION is one of those things you know you don’t really need, but feel like you have to have. Slip your Ipad into this retro style video game cabinet and it’s almost like being at an old school arcade.  It connects to your iPad wirelessly and is compatible with more than 500 games. You can even update games you already have  to work with iCade’s controls.  Continue reading

Quirky Item of the Week: Fridgeezoo Refrigerator Pets

I want a Fridgeezoo! These cute little guys “live” in your fridge and greet you every time you open the door. They also yell at you if you keep the refrigerator door open too long letting your food get warm and wasting precious energy. Plus they are darn cute. Who wouldn’t want one? Continue reading