Quirky Item of the Week: Eggling

(Image Credit: www.eggling.com)

(Image Credit: http://www.eggling.com)

I like cute stuff. I can’t help it. I see something cute and I want it, even if it has no real purpose beyond it’s cute factor (for example, check out my post about Fridgeezoos). So you can just imagine my reaction when I saw Egglings for the first time- immediate wide eyed I have to one now face.  Continue reading


DIY Ornament Vase by Gimme Some Style

When I saw these DIY Ornament Vases by Gimme Some Style, my first thought was I need to have a holiday party so I can make these as place settings / favors! I could easily see a small name tag attached or even written directly on the ornament itself and it would make a great take home memento at the end of the night. I could even picture them being used at a holiday themed wedding!

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Quirky Item of the Week: Retro 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

How nice would it be to just stand in front of one appliance while making breakfast instead of scurrying off to the oven, stove, coffee maker and toaster oven? It would be pretty AWESOME I would have to say! With this new appliance: The Retro 3-in-1 Breakfast Station, you will have everything that you need for a fast easy breakfast all in one place. You can brew your coffee, toast your bread and fry up some eggs, bacon and sausage on the hot griddle together as one. Continue reading