Your First Time… Ordering Espresso

Macchiato (Image Credit: Flickr User Pondskipper)

I remember when my coffee expertise only extended as far as over-syruped Starbucks drinks. All I knew was that I liked my coffee sweet and strong, and finger-lickin’ foamy. After working the espresso bar myself, it’s become obvious that there is so much more to know. So if you’re new to coffee culture (thus undoubtedly […]

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Starbucks Offers New Menu Items for Spring!

In March, Starbucks fanatics were excited to see the new Hazelnut Macchiato debut. Now Starbucks is coming out with new drinks and foods for the spring and summer seasons. Among the most talked about drink coming to the Starbucks’ line is the Carmel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino, which will debut on April 30th. The drink will […]

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