Britney Spears (Image Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram)

Yay or Nay? Britney Spears attempts social media comeback

Britney Spears (Image Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram)

Britney Spears (Image Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram)

We love her, we hate her, we love to hate her, and we hate to love her. Britney Spears has a complicated relationship with the public, but she seems to be using social media to bridge the gap that’s formed between herself and her fans.

A Google News search of “Britney Spears” returns not stories about rehab or concerts or hairstyles but a smattering of news items about her Internet posts. The Huffington Post declared Britney the official “Queen Of Pop, Summer And Having Adorable Children,” largely based on evidence gleaned from her social media posts.

Are Britney’s recent posts a way to return to the public eye, a sign of a new agent or just a fun way to engage with more people? I have no idea, but do we ever know what Britney’s thinking, anyway?

The star’s Facebook & Instagram feeds are full of videos and photos of her daily life with comments like “How I spend my Saturdays….lol.” These include posts about herself and about her two sons. She also has photos and comments about her niece. A peek into Britney’s life shows it’s not especially glamorous, but seems to imply that it’s simple and not so far removed from the average person’s world.

These photos get hundreds of thousands of likes and thousands of comments. The profiles aren’t free from publicity posts, though — there are several promotional images for her Vegas show “Piece of Me,” links to vote for Britney in contests and a post promoting her sister Jamie Lynn Spears’s recent EP on iTunes. Her Twitter, Instagram and Google+ posts are generally duplicates of the Facebook posts.

The star also has a verified Pinterest page, but according to the bio it is “run” by fans and interested individuals can “curate” a board if they wish, and many of the boards have multiple contributors. The majority of the content is images of Britney through the years, organized by time or type (e.g. “Hair-ney,” “Oops…I Did It Again Tour”).

Britney has called her 2005 show with Kevin Federline, Chaotic, and the “worst decision” of her career. Heavily criticized, the show was seen as proof of the singer’s narcissism, which didn’t exactly have a favorable impact on her image.

Britney stayed out of the public eye for a while after that, and her social media comeback seems to be a way to show that she is indeed a “normal person” rather than some kind of crazy woman who shaved her head, did drugs, made a failed television show about her own life or wore a denim gown.

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Ryan Gosling (Image Credit: Crestock) Eva Mendes (Image Credit: Nicolas Genin)

Baby Got Famous! The Latest Celebrity Baby News!

Ryan Gosling (Image Credit: Crestock) Eva Mendes (Image Credit: Nicolas Genin)

Ryan Gosling (Image Credit: Crestock) Eva Mendes (Image Credit: Nicolas Genin)

The Twitterverse was a flutter on July 9 when news broke that ‘your’ boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, and his actual girlfriend, Eva Mendes, are pregnant. Fans freaked out when the news broke, not just for the reason that it likely has obliterated ‘chances’ at dating Gosling, but chances at a McGosling reunion- aka a relationship reunion with Gosling’s The Notebook co-star, Rachel McAdams. Continue reading

Book Review: ‘Requiem’ (Delirium #3) by Lauren Oliver

Requiem by Lauren Oliver

Requiem (Image Credit: Lauren Oliver)

This is a review for the third book in Lauren Oliver’s Delirium series. You can read my review for Delirium here and for the second book, Pandemonium, here. This review will likely contain spoilers for the first two books.

I don’t envy authors tasked with writing last books in a series. It has to be daunting trying to find a way to write the story you want to write while balancing the expectations of readers who have invested so much time and energy into the characters and the outcome of the story. Maybe as a result of this empathy, I had mixed feelings when I started reading Requiem – a combined sense of optimism and dread – that carried with me through most of the book. That’s not to say the book itself caused me dread; that was all my own doing! I’ll try to explain. Continue reading

Will you be following Fox’s new serial killer drama ‘The Following’?

The Follwing (Image Credit: Michael Lavine/FOX)

The Follwing (Image Credit: Michael Lavine/FOX)

For the most part, I like my dramas dark, anxiety inducing, and with a touch of sci-fi/fantasy. It looks like Fox’s new series, The Following, is going to be plenty dark and foreboding, and to that I say two out of three ain’t bad. The show’s creator, Kevin Williamson, is the same mind behind The Vampire Diaries and the Scream franchise (both guilty pleasures of mine that mix moody and scary with a touch of humor in the best way). Kevin Bacon stars as “Ryan Hardy,”  a damaged former FBI agent asked to come back and consult when an infamous serial killer he helped put away, “Joe Carroll” played by James Purefoy, escapes from death row. Continue reading

Chicago set to host newest Hollywood sci-fi ‘Divergent’

Cinematic Cityscape (Image Credit: Bob Vonderau) / Divergent (Image Credit: Veronica Roth)

Cinematic Cityscape (Image Credit: Bob Vonderau) / Divergent (Image Credit: Veronica Roth)

Look out, Chicago. Your about to go dystopian.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Illinois Film Office along with the film studio Cinespace recruited the eagerly anticipated blockbuster Divergent into the city. This means a lot of extra cash for a city already familiar with Hollywood megaliths rolling into town. Chicago also hopes to draw the same reaction from the mostly teen audience that was similarly experienced with the hit Twilight and The Hunger Games franchises. Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘The Charon Incident’

The Charon Incident is an Independent Short Film by writer/director Allan Wylie, with a plot that will have you wondering what goes on behind the walls of big name pharmaceutical companies when no one is looking. The film centers around fictional Agape Pharmaceuticals, a company attempting to “corner the market on saving lives,” and stars Jessie Pavelka as Clay Davidson, a “private fixer” who is tasked with one last mission from his handler before retiring. To tell you anymore than that would ruin all the fun of this suspenseful watch, so I’ll get right to the review Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘Sinister’

Image Credit: © 2011 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved

Horror movies can be a tricky thing. There are so many bad horror movies out there, it’s hard to figure out which ones are actually worth watching. Sinister comes from the producer of the Paranormal Activity movies and Insidious (all of which I’ve seen) and the writer-director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose (which I haven’t). To be quite honest, the real selling point for me was Ethan Hawke. And that scene from the trailer of the disturbing kid crawling out of a box. But mostly Ethan Hawke. Continue reading

What Every ‘Supernatural’ Fan Needs for the Season 8 Premiere

What Every Supernatural Fan Needs for the Season 8 PremiereIt’s that time again, kids. Our favorite demon-hunting duo is back for another season of hellishly good fun on Supernatural. For those of you who have remained spoiler-free, this is what we know so far. Dean (Jensen Ackles) is in Purgatory, Sam (Jared Padalecki) is all on his own, Crowley (Mark Sheppard) is up to no good, and who knows what happened to poor Kevin Tran (Osric Chau), Advanced Placement. And for those who have been devouring every piece of information on the new season available (like me), you know that fans should be in for a seriously good time. Continue reading

5 Reasons…I Can’t Wait for Fall TV!

After a long summer of nothing but reality TV shows and Netflix, it’s finally time for the new fall TV season! As much as I love Dance Moms, I’m looking forward to seeing some scripted TV. Several of my favorite shows are returning with new seasons this fall, and there are a few promising debut shows as well. Here are the 5 biggest reasons I’ll be a slave to my DVR for the next few months. Continue reading

5 Reasons… Why I Can Barely Contain Myself Until Fifty Shades of Grey is a Movie!

Image Credit: Eren Belle Asentista

Image Credit: Eren Belle Asentista

Well, this will be quite hard to limit down to five reasons, as I am sure everyone who has read the books will agree…

1. I can not wait to see how the story will unravel on the big screen, to see how exact the movie is to the book. It is such a let down to me when they take away scenes that you were dying to see or they change scenes to be different from the book. I’m really hoping this stays as true to the book as film and an R-rating will allow. Continue reading

5 Reasons… New Episodes of ‘Arrested Development’ Have Me Super Excited…or maybe that’s just a side effect of the Teamocil…

Image Credit: Mollye Knox

After years of rumors and disappointment, it looks like we are finally going to get some new episodes of Arrested Development (and maybe a movie too)! I’ve jumped on the we’re getting more Arrested Development several times in the last few years, only to be left saying  “I’ve made a huge mistake.” But this time, with confirmation from multiple sources, and a recent image of Ron Howard working on the the storyboards, I think it’s safe to say we are finally going to get some more Bluth in our lives. I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited to see more of my favorite dysfunctional family and here are five reasons why… Continue reading

Poll: Which Game of Thrones Character are You Most Excited to See in Season 3?

Image Credit: HBO, All Rights Reserved

Image Credit: HBO, All Rights Reserved

Game of Thrones has one of the biggest casts on television and it is only going to get bigger! Season Three will be introducing a number of new characters to the fight for Westeros (Be sure to check back for weekly episode recaps beginning in April!). Fans of the show will recognize some of the names in our poll as characters we have heard about in previous seasons, but have yet to see, and for fans of the books these additions to the cast should be no surprise! We want to know, which Game of Thrones character are you most excited to see join the show in Season 3? Continue reading

Pulling the Plug on Cable and Satellite Television

Image Credit: Sarah Reid

About two years ago I decided the cable bill was too damn high (around the time “the rent was too damn high”). I could not see how paying $200 a month for cable was worth it when, for the most part, there was never anything good on the 200+ channels. Most of what I watched was stuff I had DVR-ed and the rest was from Netflix. So, I took the leap and decided to cancel cable and instead watch all of my television shows via internet streaming. I have been doing so happily ever since, as have many other Americans in the last two years. I am going to tell you how I did it and give you a little nudge to try it too.

Continue reading

‘Doctor Who’ Series 7 Spoilers and Speculations

Image Credit: BBC America

If you are a Doctor Who fan, you already know that the Doctor’s current companions Amy (The Girl Who Waited) Pond and Rory (how many times can I possibly die) Williams will be leaving the Doctor in the hands of a new companion at some point next season. Though past companions have left with their lives intact (albeit some with erased memories or in alternate universes) it seems the Ponds might not be so lucky. In their final episode, they travel to 1930’s New York, River Song makes a return, and they face-off with the only Doctor Who baddies to ever give me nightmares, the Weeping Angels. Much ado is being made about the Statue of Liberty herself being a Weeping Angel (why else would they chose NYC?), but that little tid bit has yet to be confirmed. What we do know is that show-runner Steven Moffat has said the Ponds final episode will be “heartbreaking” and that not everyone will make it out alive this time. That doesn’t bode to well for Amy and Rory, but you never know in the world of Who. (Source 1, 2, 3)

Whether you’re happy or sad to see them go, you have to admit it’s always exciting when the Doctor takes on a new companion. The lucky girl is named “Clara” and will be played by actress Jenna-Louise Coleman. Little is known about the character, who will meet the Doctor in the Series 7 Christmas Special. We know Clara will be a human from contemporary earth and she will not be related to previous Doctor Who Characters, but that doesn’t shine much light on the situation. There have been a bunch of teaser statements saying how Clara meets the doctor is “different” and “intriguing” as well as hints that there is something very special about Clara that the Doctor will uncover (perhaps in the vein of Donna Noble?), but what that all means is yet to be known. What we do know is that Moffat says she can “talk even faster” than the Doctor and she will “lead him on his merriest dance yet.”   (Source 1 & 2)

What else do we have to look forward to in Series 7? Here is a short list of what to expect:

  • Daleks, daleks, and more daleks! The first episode of Series 7 is said to be jam-packed with every type of Dalek in the show’s history. Sounds like a lot of exterminating will be going on…
  • Moffat has promised a brand new monster/baddie that we’ve never seen before that he thinks will scare us.
  • The Doctor, Amy, & Rory will take a trip to the Wild West where they go up against a cyborg
  •  The Doctor may have had it with some mother bleeping Dinosaurs on a mother bleeping spaceship

To find out exactly how Amy and Rory will say their goodbye, who Clara is, and exactly what kind of trouble the Doctor will get into next, we’ll just have to wait till Series 7 premieres later this year.


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