VIDEO: An Interview with ‘The Clockwork Crown’ Author Beth Cato

(Image Credit: John Michael Dangan/The Daily Quirk)

(Image Credit: John Michael Dangan/The Daily Quirk)

The Clockwork Dagger Author Beth Cato has now published the second book of the duology, The Clockwork Crown, and The Daily Quirk got the chance to chat with Cato about it during San Diego Comic-Con. Check out the video below to hear what inspired her to write about the steampunk genre, what her favorite book was as a teenager and advice to others who want to take up the same career path as Cato! Continue reading


VIDEO: An Exclusive Interview with ‘Vintage Tomorrows’ Director Byrd McDonald

(Image Credit: The Daily Quirk / John Michael Dangan)

(Image Credit: The Daily Quirk / John Michael Dangan)

The Daily Quirk brings you this exclusive feature on VINTAGE TOMORROWS director Byrd McDonald from San Diego Comic-Con. Watch the video below to get to know more about the sub-genre steampunk, how he went about collecting his information for the movie and his take on the future of steampunk. Continue reading

Interview with Author Susan Dennard

Author Susan Dennard’s debut novel, Something Strange and Deadly, is an addictively creepy tale of a strong-willed teenage girl battling zombies and evil spirits in 1870s Philadelphia (read the review).

Dennard’s initial career ambition was marine biology – she even  has a masters degree in it! A move to Europe (and away from the ocean) prompted her to pursue writing instead. Now that she’s had a taste of writing novels, she says that she “can never do anything else.”

This is good news for fans of Dennard’s unique work, and she’s sure to attract more admirers with her creative plots, strong characters and ambient settings. With Halloween around the corner, it’s the perfect time to check out Something Strange and Deadly for a dose of horror mixed with some mystery…and even a little romance.

Susan was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about Something Strange and Deadly and the upcoming sequel, A Darkness Strange and Lovely.

On to the Interview! Continue reading