DIVERGENT (Image Credit: Summit Entertainment) / Miles Teller (Image Credit: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images for BFI)

Diss Means War: When celebs speak out against their franchise roles

DIVERGENT (Image Credit: Summit Entertainment) / Miles Teller (Image Credit: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images for BFI)

DIVERGENT (Image Credit: Summit Entertainment) / Miles Teller (Image Credit: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images for BFI)

Miles Teller is the latest addition to the club of celebrities who publicly diss the franchises their associated with. In September he Teller told W Magazine that his Divergent role wasn’t “an interesting part” and that he took the role solely for “business reasons.” He also revealed to the magazine that he told his agent it “sucks.” He said working on the adaptation made him feel “dead inside.” Harsh considering the movie with an international automatic fan-base built in from the movies and his character will be included in the sequel, Insurgent. Continue reading

TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART I (Image Credit: Summit Entertainment)

Think Your Favorite Book Adaptation Deserves Two Movies? Think Again.

TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART I (Image Credit: Summit Entertainment)

TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART I (Image Credit: Summit Entertainment)

It started with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Filmmakers decided that to do book adaptations justice, they needed to start splitting their movies into two parts. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I was hopeful about this change. Continue reading

THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES (Image Credit: 2013 Constantin Film International GmbH and Unique Features (TMI) Inc.)

The Best (and the worst) of Young Adult Book-to-Movie Adaptations

THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES (Image Credit: 2013 Constantin Film International GmbH and Unique Features (TMI) Inc.)

THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES (Image Credit: 2013 Constantin Film International GmbH and Unique Features (TMI) Inc.)

One of the best parts about first reading a book is being able to create the world inside of your head. The author guides you, but it’s up to your mind to fill in the blanks. You get to imagine everything for the first time, from what the characters look like to the ambiguous items and places they encounter. These days, however, our imagination isn’t the only one bringing a story to life. Young adult book-to-movie adaptations are growing in popularity, causing production companies to turn our favorite fictional characters and their stories into something we can actually see. There are so many mixed emotions that come from these adaptations; from the moment the book is optioned, to when the credits roll at the end of the film. Some adaptations leave us walking away beyond satisfied, happy to have seen something we hold so dear being brought to life exactly as we’d hoped. But that’s not always the case. Here are some of the best, and some of the worst book-to-movie adaptations: Continue reading

An Exclusive Interview with ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Star Daniel Cudmore

Daniel Cudmore (Image Credit: Amanda Peixoto-Elkins)

Daniel Cudmore (Image Credit: Amanda Peixoto-Elkins)

Daniel Cudmore made his big screen debut in a gigantic way: by playing Colossus in X-Men 2 and X-Men: The Last Stand. Now he’s back as the super strong metallic man in the newest and highly anticipated X-Men film installment X-Men: Days of Future Past. In the film, the future is bleak for mutants as the enormous robot Sentinels hunt them down. To attempt to change this dystopian future, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is sent to the past to stop the assassination that lead to the Sentinel takeover. The Daily Quirk had the opportunity to talk to Cudmore about X-Men: Days of Future Past, a “touchy” fan story and his production company.

The Daily Quirk: It has been eight years since X-Men: The Last Stand. How does it feel to come back to Colossus after all that time?

Daniel Cudmore: It’s a lot of fun. I’ve always really liked this character, and I constantly want to see him expand, so every time someone calls from Fox and wants me to jump back into the X-Men suit and play him again it’s an exciting call. It’s sort of, I’ve spoken about this before, you mentioned it was eight years, and it was eight years but then you get on set and it felt like yesterday. Such a really cool vibe between all the other actors and it kind of managed together like a high school reunion.

TDQ: What do you do to get back into the mindset of being a superhero?

DC: Well, I mean the great thing about Colossus is he’s not your over-the-top superhero. The last resort is fighting for him. He just wants to be kind of normal. He doesn’t really like violence and so once you get to the core of the character, you follow what you’ve built up over the years. Then physically, I had to kind of change the body a bit as much as I could in the short time I had and play up the role that people expect for superheroes. It was a lot of fun to revisit.

TDQ: I loved your entrance in X-Men 2 with you turning to steel and throwing Stryker’s men through a wall. It’s one of my favorite entrances for superheroes.

DC: Oh awesome. It was a fun day to shoot.

TDQ: I bet. So what is your entrance like this time around? It’s your revisit to the X-Men world. What can we expect?

DC: Well, what you’re seeing now is you’ve got almost two movies in one. You’ve got a past section and a future section, and you’re finding now coming into the future with mutants and Colossus and a few of his friends, we’re really just left over and they’re just fighting for their lives essentially. You’re seeing a much more battle-hardened, I guess you could even say cold and aggressive Colossus. It’s down to the wire, and he’s just battling tooth and nail to survive and to make sure he doesn’t lose any more of his fellow mutants.

TDQ: Speaking of battles, you faced a practice Sentinel in X-Men: The Last Stand’s opening training room scene. Now, they’re a real threat. How would you compare them to the other foes the X-Men have faced?

DC: Right, well I mean you’re going to see in this movie that they are the greatest foe they’ve ever fought. They adapt and are extremely deadly and violent. As of right now, they’re the most fearsome foe we’ve faced and you really get a sense of how scared and afraid we are of these Sentinels.

TDQ: As I said, it’s been eight years since the original X-Men trilogy. In the meantime, a new slew of actors came in to recreate characters or create some other beloved comic book characters. What was it like mixing the old X-Men world with the new?

DC: The funny thing is the way we filmed, I mean essentially filming two films at once, is everyone that’s new is really still in the past. So for us, the majority of us are shot in the future, never really got a chance to hang out or be working together. But when I finally saw the end product at the premiere, the way that Bryan (Singer, director of X-Men: Days of Future Past) blends the two together and doesn’t give either side more than too much, it just blended together so well and some of those actors create such amazing characters.

TDQ: So how much interaction can we expect between the past and present characters?

DC: There are small bits of interaction. Just the right amount I feel. Not over the top, not for pushing the envelope. Not pushing the story away just for the sake of having these two worlds blend together. I think what Bryan and Simon (Kinberg, who wrote the screenplay for X-Men: Days of Future Past) and the writers did was just brilliant in balancing that just perfectly.

Adan Canto, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore and Daniel Cudmore in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (Image Credit: Alan Markfield/Twentieth Century Fox)

Adan Canto, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore and Daniel Cudmore in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (Image Credit: Alan Markfield/Twentieth Century Fox)

TDQ: I know I can’t wait to see it.

DC: I mean by far it’s the best one so far. It’s amazing. I was so blown away when I got to see it.

TDQ: Well, this has to be one of the biggest superhero movies of all time.

DC: It’s up there. The Avengers so far has been tagged as that. But I feel this one is going to surpass.

TDQ: At least in character numbers you’ve got them beat.

DC: This is true.

TDQ: I’m really interested in the behind-the-scenes world. Thanks to CGI technology, you don’t have to spend long hours in the makeup chair like Jennifer Lawrence for her Mystique costume. But what is it like filming with those marker dots on your face? Is it distracting to the other actors? Is it hard for you?

DC: No, I wouldn’t say it would really be that distracting for anyone. For me, once they’re applied, you don’t even notice that they’re on. A lot of the stuff is just really, I mean it’s funny you get back to using your imagination and make believe. I’m fighting a Sentinel but in real life and real time, I’m fighting a giant ‘X’ on the wall or a tennis ball on the end of a T-stand. You really just have to go for it.

TDQ: That was my next question actually about CGI environments. Can you describe a little more about that?

DC: It’s really just going for it in every scene. You’ve got to go for everything as an actor. You’ve got to make sure you really just believe in it 100 percent. When you’re in the CGI world, where you’re just standing against a giant green screen or you’re in a partial set which were beautiful to work in and then around it is giant green screens but you’re supposed to be imagining this magic world. Sometimes it’s a bit challenging but then once you just fall into it and really go for it, it’s a fun world to be a part of.

TDQ: It’s also a very large world, so I know there are a lot of storylines from the Marvel comic books that haven’t yet been in the films. Is there any storyline from the comic books that you’d like to see on the big screen? The Kitty-Colossus love story, perhaps? Do you think that could ever happen?

DC: I don’t know. It’s hard to say. It would be a lot of fun. I love Ellen Page. She’s such a blast to work with. I like Colossus: Bloodline where Colossus goes really dark, meets his brother and all along those storylines. At the end of the day, as an actor, I would love to see this character grow and I would selfishly love to do as much as I can. Like you said, there are so many different storylines that you can go down and it really is up to the powers at be to write what they want. If they want to expand this character, I would just be knocking at the door to do it again. We’ll see. Which storyline do you go down? That’s the big million-dollar question.

TDQ: I really enjoyed the Carl’s Jr. spot. What was it like playing Colossus in the more relaxed, fun environment versus how it is in the films?

DC: It’s a lot of fun. I haven’t done a lot of commercial shoots, so it was an interesting day for me. Yeah, that’s the other thing you forget about these characters. A lot of times you just see them fighting and they’re ultra-serious and there are threats and whatnot, but you forget at the same time they’re just like us and like to have a good time and joke around. So working with Carl’s Jr. was a blast to sit around, run through walls and eat burgers all day was kind of funny.

TDQ: Some of your biggest roles are as Colossus in X-Men and Felix in Twilight, what draws you to the fantasy/sci-fi genre?

DC: I think a lot of it is just opportunity. The thing about those worlds is that characters are larger than life and the fact that I’m 6’6” sort of lends toward them you know. Again, I’m a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy and things like that so it’s a lot of fun for me to play. At the end of the day, as an actor, you’re going to go out for everything you possibly can and play as many cool, dynamic characters as you can, and you just want to work. That’s how it’s fallen that way.

TDQ: Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or events you have in the works? Anything in that genre?

DC: Right now I’m just reading through scripts. I just finished up working on Warcraft. For the last sort of 6 months I was doing motion capture work. I just finished filming a big, massive 3-D sort of crazy epic film.

TDQ: How does that compare to regular movie shoots?

DC: It’s the same thing. It’s a giant feature film, but it’s just very heavily laden with visual effects. I guess you could say it’s similar to Avatar in that aspect. It’s motion capture video game technology, which was really, really interesting for me to perform and play these creatures I did.

TDQ: How do you like to spend your time when you’re not busy acting?

DC: I’m just very active. Living in southern California, my wife and I go on hikes all the time; we go out to the beach; I go surfing with buddies. Just be out and about. Also going to acting classes and working on the craft. Just trying to stay as busy as possible. A little bit of writing here and there and working on getting a production company going. I’ve got two films I’m trying to get produced. I’m just trying to stay as active and busy as I can.

Charlie Bewley & Daniel Cudmore in TWILIGHT: NEW MOON (Image Credit: Summit Entertainment)

Charlie Bewley & Daniel Cudmore in TWILIGHT: NEW MOON (Image Credit: Summit Entertainment)

TDQ: Can you tell me more about your production company?

DC: Yeah, I developed it with some friends up here in Vancouver. We have a great project called Swarm, which is sort of a sci-fi, almost horror, action film. Right now, we’re on the development side of it and trying to get the funding and get the ball off the ground and see where we can go with it.

TDQ: What’s something fans would be surprised to know about you?

DC: That I am just a complete goofball. I do not take life too seriously.

TDQ: This is The Daily Quirk, so I have to know, what’s your quirkiest fan interaction story?

DC: I was at one of these Twilight conventions, and I had a grandmother constantly rub my ass and tell me her husband was at home and it was OK for her to rub my ass. I had to constantly run away from her and go use the bathroom like seven times to get out of that room. It was awkward. It was a meet-and-greet and I was stuck in this room, and she knew it.

TDQ: That’s definitely a quirky story.

DC: Oh yeah. It was even quirkier if you were a fly on the wall.

TDQ: And another one for fun, Colossus gives you super strength, but what super power would you personally like to have?

DC: You know since I was a kid, I grew up pretty much being outdoors, snowboarding and dirt biking, and I think for me I’ve always wanted to fly. I think the ability to fly would be unbelievable. So flight would definitely be the go-to.

TDQ: You wouldn’t have to worry about traffic at all.

DC: Definitely. I wouldn’t have to try to fit in to the bathrooms on the planes.

TDQ: And you could’ve flown away from the grandma too.

DC: There we go. I could have just taken off.

The Daily Quirk would like to thank Daniel Cudmore for taking the time chat! To find out more about Cudmore, you can follow him on Twitter or visit his official Facebook fan page. See his latest performance as Colossus in X-Men: Days of Future Past when it opens May 23.

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE (Image Credit: Kimberley French/Summit Entertainment)

4 Actors Who Will Never Be Able to Break Away From That One, Iconic Role

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE (Image Credit: Kimberley French/Summit Entertainment)

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE (Image Credit: Kimberley French/Summit Entertainment)

When I say the name Samuel L. Jackson, I’m sure Pulp Fiction comes to mind. Or, when I mention Johnny Depp, I bet that most of you start picturing the rustic English pirate with dreadlocks, Captain Jack Sparrow. What about Sarah Jessica Parker or, should I just say Carrie Bradshaw?

These are just a few actors of many that have played an iconic role, one for which they will always be remembered. But, due to the success of these actors, they’ve gone on to play other roles…just, maybe, ones that aren’t quite as iconic.

I’d like to name a few actors who’ve played iconic roles but have yet to break away from them. Continue reading

An Interview with ‘Hammer of the Gods’ & ‘Twilight’ Star Charlie Bewley

Charlie Bewley (Image Credit: PIP x)

Charlie Bewley (Image Credit: PIP x)

Charlie Bewley, amongst other things, is a vampire. Not really. I don’t think. But he has played one a few times. You might know him as Demetri from the Twilight series or as vampire hunter Galen Vaughn in The Vampire Diaries, but the majority of Bewley’s work isn’t vampire related. I swear. He stars in the recently released action flick Hammer of the Gods and romantic drama Like Crazy, as well as having several other films, including Thunder Road and The Rules of the Game, in the works.

Bewley’s association with The Twilight Saga and The Vampire Diaries has created a devoted and fanatical fan base, but despite his acting success and popularity among legions of fans, Charlie Bewley really is a nice guy and comes across extremely genuine and jovial in conversation. He has a big full laugh that sounds like it comes from the back of the throat but cracks midway into a chuckle, almost like a masculine cackle, that quickly gets you laughing too. Recently, I was lucky enough to speak to Charlie Bewley in London about his work, past and present. Read on for the laughter and the interview that ensued…
Continue reading

Comic-Con 2013: Is it still for the nerds?

San Diego Comic Con (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore)

San Diego Comic Con (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore)

In 1970, a group of comic book nerds and science fiction fans got together and began Comic-Con International: San Diego. It was a one-day event with 100 people in attendance and two special guest stars with the goal being to raise money for a larger convention. Continue reading

The 10 Best Songs from Movie Soundtracks of the Last Two Decades!

Michael Cera and Ellen Page in JUNO (Image Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Michael Cera and Ellen Page in JUNO (Image Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Do you have a favorite movie that you watch over and over again? A favorite song from a movie soundtrack that you listen to over and over again? I know I do.  Not many soundtracks all soundtracks are created equal, but there a few that I really enjoy listening to over and over again.  Here is my list of the top 10 songs I love from movie soundtracks: Continue reading

Are more Twilight Saga Movies in the works?

Image Credit: Summit Entertainment

Image Credit: Summit Entertainment

Are there more Twilight movies on the way? Back in June, rumors were swirling that a reboot of the original series was being considered by Summit Entertainment, but the studio swiftly responded by saying no reboot was planned. Summit is not, however, as swift to knock down the recent rumors that a new series of movies set in the world of Twilight could be on the way. With Breaking Dawn: Part II introducing a smorgasbord of new vampire clans, a new set of movies following the lives and loves of vampires and mortals would have no shortage of characters to choose from. Continue reading

POLL: Which Twilight Saga characters would you like see to have their own movie?

Image Credit: Summit Entertainment

With talks of a new set of spin-off Twilight movies on the way, we want to know which characters you would like to see have their own time in the spotlight. Do you want to seem more or you favorite Cullen vampire couples or more of the Quileute wolf pack? Intrigued by the Voluturi or craving a new vampire clan to sink your teeth into? Let us know by voting now!


Please note, this poll is for entertainment purposes only and is in no way associated with Stephanie Meyer, The Twilight Series, or Summit Entertainment. One vote per individual. Poll ends 2/28/13.


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‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II’ Spoilers and Speculations

© 2011 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved.

© 2011 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved.

The countdown to the final installment of The Twilight Saga is underway with Breaking Dawn Part II releasing in just few short weeks. If you cannot wait that long to get the details on how the second part of Stephanie’s Myers final book in the twilight series plays out on the big screen, read on for lots of spoilery fun and be sure to check out the latest screen stills released from Summit Entertainment in the gallery below!

Continue reading

Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart back together? Has she been forgiven?

Image Credit: Crestock

Are R-Patz and K-Stew back together again? Rumour has it they are! Cue the uproar of ‘Trampire’ haters and all over the world. The pair split up just a few months ago, due to Kristen’s little liaison with ‘Snow White and The Huntsman‘ director Rupert Sanders, evoking hate from ‘Twilight’ fans and ‘Team Edward’ obsessives everywhere.. *How could she do this to  Rob?* (just remember girlies, it takes two to tango!) The news broke, Kristen was in tatters, R-Patz moved out – so much scandal and drama! BUT that was then, reports suggest that the couple have decided to try and rekindle the flame. According to British tabloid The Sun, 26-year-old R-Patz has forgiven her ‘stupid mistake’ during an emotional heart-to-heart with the 22-year-old. Sources claim, “They pretty much decided they couldn’t live without each other. Kristen poured her heart out to Robert and told him it was a one-off and a mistake.” Shortly after news of the affair hit headlines, Rob went to stay at Hollywood pal, Reese Witherspoon’s California Ranch. Reports claim, K-Stew’s father, John, visited him there, acting as a go-between for the couple, begging him to patch things up with his heartbroken daughter. It seems like it’s worked! He’s a smitten Brit. “Rob sees it as Kristen made a really stupid mistake. After a lot of long tearful talks, they’ve worked it out. Rob can see how truly sorry Kristen is and has totally forgiven her. They really do love each other.” The young lovers are claimed to have moved into a secluded pad in the same Los Angeles compound where Brad and Ange also have a place.

Image Credit: Summit Entertainment

The reconciliation comes just before the ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2’ promotional tour. Phew! We’ve been spared of a few very awkward red carpet moments! What do you think of the revelations? You might say he should have never forgiven her, ‘a leopard never changes it’s spots’, ‘if she loved him she wouldn’t have cheated in the first place’, the list is never-ending but everyone makes mistakes, famous or not famous and everyone deserves a second chance, right? Cue the sound of teen girl hearts breaking everywhere.

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