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VIDEO: An Exclusive Interview with ‘Electric Slide’ Writer/Director Tristan Patterson


Tristan Patterson (Image Credit: Dan Maiorana / The Daily Quirk)

In Electric Slide, Jim Sturgess plays Eddie Dodson, a bank robber able to literally charm the money from female bank tellers in 1980’s Los Angeles. Loosely based on the real life heists of Eddie Dodson, better known as the “Gentleman Bank Robber,” Electric Slide will leave  you wishing you could go back in time, bad fashion and all, and give Sturgess’s Eddie whatever he asks for… but since that’s not possible, we’re bringing you the inside info on the film directly from Writer/Director Tristan Patterson! Watch the exclusive interview feature below for all the details!

Reporting by Kesley Cortez  | Camera by Tara Robinson | Production by Amy Russo | Written Content by Ashley Gebhardt

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