DIY Japanese Washi Tape Vases by To Be Charmed

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Elizabeth over at To Be Charmed decided to get creative with Japanese Washi Tape and Vases and the results are so awesome we just had to share! For glass and plastic vases, just cut the Washi Tape to the proper size and apply! To get the fancy lace look, Elizabeth placed the tape on parchment paper and used a hole punch.

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Elizabeth experimented with some different methods of application and different vase styles and came up with the following tips:

“1. It’s very difficult applying the tape horizontally. As you can see in the last photo, the Washi tape is buckling and I found it next to impossible not to have this happen.
2. I noticed on the vases that have curves, the tape has started to come up in places. I think if I was really happy with how the Washi tape looked on a vase with curves I would apply an adhesive over the tape. I’m thinking Mod Podge… but not sure how that would look. Let me know if you have a suggestion!”

via To Be Charmed

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We want to thank To Be Charmed for letting us share this lovely DIY with our readers! To read to the original post and check out all the other great stuff Elizabeth has going on visit To Be Charmed!

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