An Open Letter to Scott Disick

Scott Disick (Image Credit: NBCUniversal)

Scott Disick (Image Credit: NBCUniversal)

Dear Scott,

When you graced my TV screen a few years back, it was love at first sight. Many people disliked you, but not me, I knew better. You were called terrible names, but I defended you…you’re welcome. To me, you were the perfect guy. Number one, you have great style. I am such a sucker for a man who knows how to dress. Not many people could pull off such bold outfits, but for you, it’s a perfect fit. I feel like it compliments you’re personality (or what I know of it from TV) Which brings me to the second thing I love about you; your attitude. Ok, ok, at times you could be a bit much. You know what though? So can I. I can be a whole lot. For me, it’s all about being yourself and not holding back and it seems like you do just that. I don’t care what anyone says. Let them call you a jerk, or a douche, even. None of that matters because I love you. You have a good sense of humor to balance out the little bit of jerk that might be hiding there inside of you (sorry!)

Now that you have Mason, I like you even more. He is one cute little boy, by the way. Nice to see he has your fashion sense. You are probably a wonderful father and you seemed to have matured. I am so proud of you as if I have watched you grow up right before my very eyes!

I think I have covered all the bases…handsome, sense of humor, awesome dresser, hot daddy. Love, love, love, love.

Initially, all I really wanted to write in this letter was “HI SCOTT, PLEASE MARRY ME.” but let’s be honest here, Kourtney is awesome and hot and I cannot compete in any way. Also, you two are one of my favorite couples EVER. If you ever break up, I think I’ll be as sad as I was when Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams decided to end things. Maybe one day though, we can be bff’s, and shop for awesome outfits together while we stroll down the streets of Manhattan with our canes and occasionally insult random strangers. Call me.



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