Natural Allergy Remedies

Image Credit: M. McFarland

Prescription and Over the Counter Allergy Medications can leave you feeling anywhere from groggy and worn down to jittery and hyped up. Trying some of these home remedies for allergy symptom relief may help you to take less medication this allergy season or avoid it all together.

– It might not be the most appealing method, but Saline Nasal Rinses are one natural allergy treatment that docs around the world seem to agree works. Rinsing out your nasal passages removes any allergens or irritants from your sinuses. Rinses can be purchased at your local drug store or made at home using distilled water,  non-iodized salt, and baking soda.

– Acupuncture might seem like a strange answer to your allergy woes, but the ancient Chinese technique has recently picked up steam in the modern world as a way to prevent pesky allergy symptoms. Although there is little scientific evidence to back the claims, anecdotal evidence points to it working best if you start your treatment a month before peak allergy season.

– Cherry Juice is not only tasty, but also another method of allergy symptom prevention. Cherry juice contains quercetin, a compound which has been shown to prevent the release of histamines in the body. Less histamines being released means less symptoms.

– If you’re not big on juice, how about some tea? Both Peppermint and Stinging Nettle Tea may help to combat allergy symptoms. The oils in peppermint and stinging nettle are said to act as both a decongestants and an anti-inflammatories therefore alleviating your symptoms for you.

– Try a supplement like shrub butterbur. Evidence of it’s effectiveness may not be scientific, but many sources claim it’s an easy way to combat allergies in pill form without the side effects of prescription medication. Keep in mind any supplement you take may have side effects of it’s own so do your research before taking one.

– Invest in a dehumidifier. Dust mites like the air in your home to be humid so keeping humidity in check keeps their ability to breed in check as well. While you’re at it, an air purifier should help to remove pollen and other allergens from the air in your home as well, especially one with a HEPA filter.


2 thoughts on “Natural Allergy Remedies

  1. Musha Slater says:

    Hey, I have that exact penguin. Though mine is actually a humidifier, as opposed to a dehumidifier. I live in a very dry country and at night and even during the day, our throats get so dry that I literally wake up in the middle of the night because of thirst. The humidifier keeps the throat’s (and skin) humidity in check!

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