‘Doctor Who’ Series 7 Spoilers and Speculations

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If you are a Doctor Who fan, you already know that the Doctor’s current companions Amy (The Girl Who Waited) Pond and Rory (how many times can I possibly die) Williams will be leaving the Doctor in the hands of a new companion at some point next season. Though past companions have left with their lives intact (albeit some with erased memories or in alternate universes) it seems the Ponds might not be so lucky. In their final episode, they travel to 1930’s New York, River Song makes a return, and they face-off with the only Doctor Who baddies to ever give me nightmares, the Weeping Angels. Much ado is being made about the Statue of Liberty herself being a Weeping Angel (why else would they chose NYC?), but that little tid bit has yet to be confirmed. What we do know is that show-runner Steven Moffat has said the Ponds final episode will be “heartbreaking” and that not everyone will make it out alive this time. That doesn’t bode to well for Amy and Rory, but you never know in the world of Who. (Source 1, 2, 3)

Whether you’re happy or sad to see them go, you have to admit it’s always exciting when the Doctor takes on a new companion. The lucky girl is named “Clara” and will be played by actress Jenna-Louise Coleman. Little is known about the character, who will meet the Doctor in the Series 7 Christmas Special. We know Clara will be a human from contemporary earth and she will not be related to previous Doctor Who Characters, but that doesn’t shine much light on the situation. There have been a bunch of teaser statements saying how Clara meets the doctor is “different” and “intriguing” as well as hints that there is something very special about Clara that the Doctor will uncover (perhaps in the vein of Donna Noble?), but what that all means is yet to be known. What we do know is that Moffat says she can “talk even faster” than the Doctor and she will “lead him on his merriest dance yet.”   (Source 1 & 2)

What else do we have to look forward to in Series 7? Here is a short list of what to expect:

  • Daleks, daleks, and more daleks! The first episode of Series 7 is said to be jam-packed with every type of Dalek in the show’s history. Sounds like a lot of exterminating will be going on…
  • Moffat has promised a brand new monster/baddie that we’ve never seen before that he thinks will scare us.
  • The Doctor, Amy, & Rory will take a trip to the Wild West where they go up against a cyborg
  •  The Doctor may have had it with some mother bleeping Dinosaurs on a mother bleeping spaceship

To find out exactly how Amy and Rory will say their goodbye, who Clara is, and exactly what kind of trouble the Doctor will get into next, we’ll just have to wait till Series 7 premieres later this year.


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5 thoughts on “‘Doctor Who’ Series 7 Spoilers and Speculations

  1. mathelete says:

    I think Clara is actually a regeneration of Jenny, and the doctor cannot sense her the way he senses a timelord.

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