Beauty: Beach Hair and Summer Styles

Image Credit: lωάννης Πρωτονοτάριος

With summer just beginning and temperatures rising, I am already only using my blowdryer when needed! Nothing annoys me more than getting out of a hot shower (because no matter if it is 100 or higher, I can not take a cold one). I want nothing more than the heat from the dryer all over my hair and face. So, I did some researching and found this blog, Coral and Coast, to have adorable beach hair ideas.

I am so into braids this year as every other celebrity and female I have seen. One reason I like to do braids is mine come out best when my hair is wet, which helps my problem with the hair dryer. Blogger Maegan Tintari has some great braiding How-to’s on her blog, Love Maegan, which are definitely worth checking out.

Image Credit: Maegan Tintari

Image Credit: Maegan Tintari

Image Crediti: Maegan Tintari

Image Credit: Maegan Tintari

I also love the idea of combining the recent trend of adding a splash of bright color to your hair, either temporarily (if you work somewhere that would not appreciate your bright pink hair come Monday morning) or permanent if you’re willing and able to take the leap, and braiding.

Image Credit: Kathryn Decker-Krauth

Besides style, the sun, salt, chlorine and heat can do a lot of damage to your hair. Last year I started to use the Aveda Sun Care line. I use the hair veil before stepping out into the sun, which keeps you protected for up to 16 hours and the plus side having 100% organic essences along with organic shea butter and coconut oils make it that much better. When I find a product that is free of chemicals, even for a higher price, I have to get it. I follow the day with Aveda Sun Care Hair and Body Wash. Not only is it good for your hair but safe enough to use on your body, killing two sun exposure problems with one bottle. I am all for it. There are other products you can check out on Aveda.

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