Fun and Easy Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

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Looking to boast your brain power? Before you start popping herbal supplements or buying into infomercial fixes, try these fun and easy ways that are proven to improve your brain function and memory.

Get Exercising!

We all know the benefits of exercise on our overall health, but did you know exercising helps boost brain power too? Try to get yourself moving for about 30 minutes of cardio, four-to-five times a week. Even if you can’t set aside a time for exercise during the work week, try talking the stairs instead of your usual elevator ride or turning a commute or errand into a walk or bike ride. Every little bit makes a difference.

Be Social!

Social Interaction is extremely important to your mental health. Chat with friends, join a book club, or just get out there and mingle. Not only does being social improve your brain power, it also helps to reduce stress and prevent depression.

Challenge Your Brain!

Challenge your brain by learning a new skill. Learning something new creates new connections in your brain and improves brain function. Before you start to question how fun this one can be, let me say it doesn’t have to be calculus or chemistry (unless that’s what floats your boat!). Picking a skill or topic you enjoy helps in the learning process, so follow your interests! Learn to knit, take those guitar lessons you never got around to, or learn to speak french so you don’t wins up ordering a clam shaped fish pie in Paris (like I did).


Stress is bad for brain function. Try decreasing stress and combining your exercise and learning by taking a class in yoga or meditation! Both are shown not only to decrease stress, but improve brain power. Tt’s also great for your overall health.

Feed Your Brain!

The easiest way to improve brain function is to eat healthy, specifically foods that are shown to promote brain health. There are tons of healthy food options to choose from, but you can start out by working some Blueberries, Salmon, and dark leafy greens into your weekly diet.

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