Book Review: Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

The title of this book is exactly what the story entails, a love affair that is a beautiful disaster from start to finish! When I first came across the book, I had not heard of it before, but almost all of the reviews were five stars and it was only $2.99 on my kindle; that was all it took for me to hit the purchase button and have it downloaded in 60 seconds (and boy was I happy I did!).

Beautiful Disaster caught my attention from the very first page. Abby is a girl who is trying to escape her past and start a new life where no one knows her (except for her extremely devoted best friend, America, who follows her to start their first years in college). All is going well until Abby meets Travis Maddox, an attractive, muscled, tattooed college student who earns a living in a fight ring at night (and who just so happens to be the cousin of America’s new boyfriend, Shepley). Travis is exactly what Abby wants to stay away from…trouble!

Right away Travis is intrigued by Abby, since she is not like most girls, who are waiting in line to get to spend the night with him and persistently pursues her until she agrees to spend time with him. They quickly develop a connection and then Travis proposes a bet to Abby, that changes everything: if she loses the bet she has to live with him for a month, and if she wins, Travis has to stay abstinent for a month. The outcome of the wager changes their lives forever and makes for a great page turner for the reader!

I liked this book so much because I was able to relate to the characters (I loved every single character in this book, which is rare for me!). You see that Travis and Abby have their own flaws, like we all do, which make them question their relationship at every turn, even though they care about each other deeply. The beautiful disaster that unravels between Travis and Abby and goes on to affect everyone around them, including America and Shepley, will definitely have you hooked from the first punch, which coincidentally is the first time Travis and Abby meet, in the fighting ring.


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