Interview with Author Jamie McGuire

Author Jamie McGuire (Image Credit: Jamie McGuire)

Whenever I really enjoy a book, I find myself wishing I could ask the author a million questions about the characters, story, and their inspiration. Lucky for me, I write for this blog and every now and then I get to actually do it (ok, I don’t get to ask a million questions, but even getting to ask a few is pretty awesome)! As soon as I finished reading Beautiful Disaster for my Review, we reached out to Jame McGuire for an interview to find out more about her work. At the time she was busy promoting her latest book, Eden, but she was kind enough to tell us she would give us an interview in July. True to her word (she really seems like a lovely person) we set up an interview and here it is. Read on to find out more about Jamie, her books, and her inspiration!
On to the interview!
The Daily Quirk: Who is your favorite author/book?
Jamie McGuire: I don’t have a favorite, but right now I’m reading a lot of pregnancy books, and books by indie authors, like Grounding Quinn by Stephanie Campbell, Love Unscripted by Tina Reber, and Darkride by Laura Bradley Rede

Beautiful Disaster (Image Credit: Jamie McGuire)

TDQ: How long did it take you to write Beautiful Disaster?
JM: 7 weeks.
TDQ: Where did you draw the inspiration for Abby and Travis’ relationship from?
JM: I had a crush on the college bad boy when I was in college. We were close friends, but it never went beyond that. He was pretty wild.
TDQ: Are any of the characters based on people in your life?
JM: Shepley, Travis, and Brazil are all guys I went to college with (even though Travis’s name is not the same as the person he was modeled after).
TDQ: What was your favorite scene to write?
JM: Poker night at the Maddox house.

TDQ: I adored the nickname Pidge, so much so that me and my friend ( who read the book also) now call each other that sometimes. Where did you come up with that nickname?

JM: You do? That’s adorable! Lady and the Tramp.

TDQ: Since I follow you on Facebook, I know there is a Travis POV coming out (cannot wait!), will you be writing stories from any of the other characters points of view in Beautiful Disaster
JM: I will eventually write a book for the Maddox brothers. They’re a lot of fun.

Providence (Image Credit: Jamie McGuire)

TDQ:  Do you like writing books like Beautiful Disaster or the Providence series better?
JM: Beautiful Disaster, only because the setting is not in a “real” place, and I didn’t have to research every detail. It allowed me the time to just be creative and let the story flow.
TDQ: I actually had not read what Providence was about before I purchased.  Seeing you were the author and having just read Beautiful Disaster, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. So, when I found out about Jared and Claire, I was shocked. Did you always want to write a book in the paranormal genre?
JM: When I began writing Providence, I didn’t know it was going to be paranormal, either. I knew I needed a twist, and vampires has been done. I wanted a new spin, but just as I finished the last chapter, a lot of angel-themed books appeared in the market. I think it’s still an original angle, though.
TDQ: When you first started Providence did you know you were going to write a series?
JM: Yes. It was always going to be a trilogy. I didn’t know at the time, though, that it would be so hard to finish. I wanted to write something new before I finished Requiem, so it was a definitely a lesson in discipline.
TDQ: The covers of all of your books are amazing. If I did not have a kindle and saw the covers in person, I think I would have to buy the books for the covers alone, did you come up with the images for them?
JM: I found the inspiration for the image of Providence’s cover. I knew the general theme of the other two books. For Beautiful Disaster, the second cover was created by Justin McClure.
TDQ: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
JM: I have a section in my FAQ on my website that has a lot of tips for writers. I have also written two blogs with some important information. My number one tip: Finish it. Everyone can say that are writing a book, or want to write a book, but can’t find the time because of [insert excuse here]. Writing is like going to the gym: You’ll either do it or you won’t.

TDQ: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

JM: Um…read my books! Come find me on Facebook! Support indies! I love you!


One thought on “Interview with Author Jamie McGuire

  1. dandksmommy says:

    First and foremost are you and your family after the devastating tornadoes?
    My 11 year old twins and I will be traveling to Oklahoma this summer to bring my kids 80+ books as well as the hundreds others donated by the community, to your Oklahoma community of children displaced by the storm. We are going to OSU dorms first to donate our books to the kids currently being housed.

    Mrs. McGuire, THANK YOU. am only halfway through Beautiful Disaster and I am touched how similarly it follows my own Beautiful Disaster. I am hopeful that it ends not as mine did. Your beautiful storytellling has allowed me to relive some of the most beautiful moments of my life. Your Travis is my Jim, and your Pigeon is me Janet. I feel every twinge you describe. Thank you. I am a 40+ woman who regrets making the wrong choices when confronted between two men similar to your Travis and Parker.Through your beautiful words, I am reliving the most wonderful relationship/time in my life.

    I cant wait to read your next book.

    Once again, I hope all is well with you and your family, if there anything my children and I can do while we visit your home state of Oklahoma, let me know.

    Once again, Thank you

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