5 Reasons… New Episodes of ‘Arrested Development’ Have Me Super Excited…or maybe that’s just a side effect of the Teamocil…

Image Credit: Mollye Knox

After years of rumors and disappointment, it looks like we are finally going to get some new episodes of Arrested Development (and maybe a movie too)! I’ve jumped on the we’re getting more Arrested Development several times in the last few years, only to be left saying  “I’ve made a huge mistake.” But this time, with confirmation from multiple sources, and a recent image of Ron Howard working on the the storyboards, I think it’s safe to say we are finally going to get some more Bluth in our lives. I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited to see more of my favorite dysfunctional family and here are five reasons why…

1. I miss the chicken dance. I really do. Although Micheal is totally right to question if anyone in the family has ever seen a chicken, I personally hope the Bluth’s never do. Their chicken dances are perfection and should not be tarnished by the reality of how boring chickens really are. GOB’s may be the original, but my personal favorite is Lindsay’s followed in a close second by George Sr., whose dance contains no sound of movement that can even be remotely related to a chicken or any type of fowl for that matter.

2. As good as Taran Killam’s Micheal Cera impression may be (and it is scary good), I would like to see more of the actual Michael Cera and Maebe. I know I know, he’s not playing himself on the show and Alia Shawkat isn’t actually Maebe, but their scenes are some of my favorite and their squiky cousins who kiss story line was a laugh riot. Now that we know once and for all that they aren’t related, I can’t wait to see what happens with George Michael and Maebe, especially in light of that possibly real wedding they had in season 3.

3. No other show has referenced itself as much as Arrested Development, coining some of the best running gags in television history. I’ve already mentioned the chicken dance and “I’ve made a huge mistake,” but lets not forget “That’s why you never…”, mother boy, the aztec tomb, annyong, “No touching!”, Boy Fights, Nevernude, “Steve Holt!”, the blue man group, franklin, “Say goodbye to these!”, the hot cops, “Come on!,” the many names of Ann Veal, hop-ons, “On the next episode…”, the cornballer, “Hey, Brother”, the final countdown, club sauce, “I’m a Monster!”, the list could just keeps going… What’s scary is I reference these things in my everyday life the way the show does (minus the awesome subtitled and narrated flashbacks).

4. I really love Michael Bluth, I mean Jason Bateman, I mean Michael Bluth, I mean my finace, or should I say Jason Bateman as Michael Bluth. I will watch anything he makes whether it be good or bad because there is something about him I find incredibly endearing and let’s not lie, very attractive. I have missed his handsome mug playing the most well meaning, but not so good at parenting, father and his character’s inability to date without catastrophe.

5. The series finale (now the season three finale?) left way too many cliffhangers. What is to become of the Bluth family? Will Oscar got to jail in George Sr.’s place yet again? What will Michael do after discovering George Sr. has stole away to Mexico with them?  The most important of all being will Ron Howard make a movie out of Maebe’s Bluth story? (Will he? Would someone please tell me? please?)

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