Quirky Home: House Cleaning Tips

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Cleaning your house….not the most favorite thing on your to do list but it needs to get done.  You dust, you clean your clothes, you vacuum, but for some reason when you come into your house after a long day at work, you do not like the way your house smells.  Come on… you can admit it.  It’s not just you.  It feels like you just cleaned your house and already there is that little faint smell that you cannot seem to get rid of.  Well, now that you know that it’s not just you and you can admit that this does indeed happen to you (the first step is admitting 😉 )… now you can do something about it.   Here are a few tips on how to make your house smell fresh and hopefully they help make that fresh smell last a little longer than a day.

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There is always the obvious…. Lighting a candle can help any room smell better but some people don’t like having an open flame around the house.  If you have small children, there is always the chance of that turning into a problem.  Also, even after you lit the candle, sometimes it seems right after you blow it out, the smell is gone.  A great alternative is an oil reed diffuser.  They last long, they don’t need to a flame to work, and they work all day, not just for a certain amount of time during the day.  They can be found anywhere and they have various smells that go well in any room of the house such as your kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.

Next tip is using lemon to clean up around your house and kitchen.  Lemon is a great cleaning agent and many times, using an actual lemon or lemon mixed with some water can work wonders.  You can use it to clean your microwave, a mess left behind on your stove, your counter tops and even the windows throughout your house.  Not only will it leave things looking fresh and clean but it will make your entire house smell fresh as well.  After you use some lemon for a recipe in the kitchen, save a small amount on the side to use to clean up after!

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If using the actual lemon freaks you out or if you have a bug problem, you can always add some lemon to some water in a pot on the stove.  Bringing the water to a boil with some lemon in it leaves a great smell in the air.  You can use this trick with lots of other great smelling ingredients as well.  You can use this with cinnamon, lime, lavender, rosemary, etc.  You can try out some of your own ideas to create a great smelling environment!

Another easy thing that you can easily add to your cleaning regimen is to use dryer sheets around your home.  You can use them to dust furniture around your home or even use them to wipe the dust off your television screen.  They work great and leave a nice clean smell in the after math.  Also, you can use either a new drier sheet or even a used one in your closet, in your clothes drawer, under a couch, or hidden in any area of your house that tends to grow a smell after a while. Not only is it an idea change to your cleaning regime, but it is a cheap fix as well!  If you use these in your daily laundry regime, you can easily take the used ones after your laundry and clean your house.  They smell great and can give your house a nice clean smell.

These are just a few easy to do things that can easily change the way your house smells.  You can easily add these new tips to any cleaning regime to help make your house smelling better, longer!

Jessica S

Jessica S
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