What We’re Loving Right Now: NARS Blush and Bronzer Duo

Image Credit: Flickr User ookikioo

Image Credit: Flickr User ookikioo

I have recently come across the most amazing makeup duo EVER! At least in my eyes. Friends have mentioned the blush and bronzer to me separately, but never together in its own compact. Let me introduce to you my new favorite makeup duo! It is a NARS product with the blush called Orgasm and the bronzer called Laguna together in this duo!

I bought my duo two weeks ago and have been using it everyday since. All summer, I have been trying to obtain the perfect tan on my face by spending numerous hours by the pool. However, I never seemed to get the shade I wanted. It was always tinged by that red sunburned look which is not all that flattering in my eyes since most people just say, “Guess you didn’t use sunscreen this weekend!” or “You look like a lobster!!!”. Anyways, when I bought the NARS duo, I got what I was looking for. With just a few swipes of the bronzer on my cheeks, nose, forehead and chin and just a dab of blush on the apples of my cheekbones, I had that perfected bronze goddess look down.

Why is it that everyone looks better tan? Probably because it makes you look healthier and like you have been outside sunning all day. When a working girl like me only gets weekends to do that, a quick and easy solution is key. For me, I have never looked better with this makeup on. When I first tried it, my boyfriend said, “Wow Meg, you look really tan and gorgeous!” Let me tell you, that made my day without even really trying!!!! I feel prettier than I have in the past with these two perfect shades for my face.

If you’re looking for the right bronzer and blush, these two are it. NARS has other selections too but the sales lady said that these shades work with everyone’s skin tone and color. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new look or new style of bronzer/blush. The $41 is completely worth it-TRUST ME! Buy at Sephora Online or go to the store. You can find it at any NARS kiosk also.

Tip: The bronzer goes much faster than the blush since you’re putting it all over your face instead of just your cheeks. I might invest in a single Laguna Bronzer too if you’re really into the colors like I am. When I get a little extra cash, that will be the first thing on my list that I purchase.


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