DIY Homemade Sugar Body Scrub

Image Credit: Kim Love

With summer going by so fast, I tend to limit my pedicures to save some money. The one thing I hate about not getting pedicures when I should is the annoying dry white lines that we all get on our heals! If you don’t get them without the help of lotion or scrubbing, I would love to know how!

One thing I almost always do in the shower is use my pumice scrub on my feet. My bottle is almost at the end, so I decided to google ways to make your own body and foot scrub. While wanting to save money, I figured an at home remedy would be less than $10 and include sugar, which I always have. How hard could it be to make?

I found a few quick and simple recipes in a matter of a minutes and decided to use my best judgement with the ingredients I had on hand:


White Sugar
Brown Sugar
Olive Oil
Vanilla Extract (optional)

The amount of ingredients you use depends on the size of the jar you are going to keep it in. All I had on hand was a Tupperware jar. I split the white and brown in half filling up 1 cup of sugar, then added it to my jar for mixing.

Then I added about 1/4 of  olive oil and a dash of vanilla extract for a sweet smell.  All of these ingredients can be changed depending on the consistency you want. The vanilla extract is optional, since it’s only purpose is to add to the yummy smell of the scrub, so it’s up to you how much if any you include.

One of the perks of this scrub, besides being homemade and all natural,  is how smooth and gentle the sugar scrub went on. Sometimes when I use the pumice scrubs, they can be too rough and irritating for my skin, but the sugar scrub went on pretty sweet! I will definitely be making this to use at home again and may even package some up in jars as gifts for the holidays.

Let us know how this DIY works for you and of course, enjoy!


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