POLL: Who is your favorite Doctor?

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With the start of Doctor Who Series Seven and the introducing of a new companion, we’ve been reflecting on series past and the different approaches actors have taken to the enigmatic man with the time travelling blue box. Saying that each doctor has brought his own version of the time lord to life is an understatement and leaves us wondering, which Doctor is your all time favorite? Vote now to make your favorite Doctor known! Poll closes 9/30/2012.


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53 thoughts on “POLL: Who is your favorite Doctor?

  1. RexEverything says:

    I fail to see the point of polls like this. All the rabid, fanatical Tennant ruin any chance of a fair survey by voting when they either don’t care or even KNOW the other Doctors.
    If you had titled this poll something like ‘Most luscious wonderful super smexy LOL YOLO BAMF baby Tennant man ever’, then I could almost accept the onslaught if mental Tennant fans and the one sided result they caused…

    • Milissa says:

      Stop being so butthurt. I’ve seen every single episode (excluding the reconstructs) and Ten is still my favorite. People have a different opinion than you. Get over it.

      • Lukas says:

        Cool story but he does have a point. Sure he’s generalising, but it wouldn’t be a generalisation if reality didn’t reflect it. Glad Tom Baker is getting some love though 🙂

      • RexEverything says:

        I’m perfectly aware that people have a differing opinion, but there are a vast majority who only care for that one particular era. I see them every day when I am on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. They consistently fail to accept the fact that the Doctor existed and was loved well before Tennant and they refuse to accept that Smith has come along and presented us with yet another fine Doctor.
        And the fact that you felt the need to justify yourself means you took personal offence to my comment. This implies that there is an element of truth in it, generalisation or not, and you took it upon yourself to detail your fan credentials. I find that really very funny.
        As for ‘getting over it’, there are thousands of Tenth Doctor fans who entirely fail to do that. Telling me, a life long fan who has gotten over numerous Doctors now, is unnecessary.

      • Milissa says:

        @RexEverything lolk. Half of your comment sounds like mindless rambling but whatever you say. If you hate the fact that Tennant is winning so much, don’t include him when looking at the results. Being a whiny elitist baby about it isn’t helping your case any.
        lot of people were born after the old series was canceled. How dare they get into a show when it’s rebooted. How horrible of them. Please. Do you know how elitist you sound?

    • Mz McPhisto says:

      David wins almost every poll by long time fans. I’m a fan since the fourth Doctor and I’ll vote David every time because of his TALENT.

    • Mz McPhisto says:

      Rex, David is very popular because he’s a great Doctor. People like you refuse to see it because he’s not your Doctor. Take your own advice and get over it.

  2. V Grattidge says:

    He might not be everyone’s cup of tea but Colin Baker’s Doctor every time. The ultimate non-conformist, from what he wears to what he says and how he says it. He’s direct, dynamic, ebullient and far from a goody-two-shoes. I love his eloquence, his fallibility and his constant striving to be better. Excelsior!

    • RexEverything says:

      Yes, I do. They are all ugly and general. And he’s not in the lead, because all those casual fans who only really show interest in the Tennant era are voting en masse. And believe me, I’ve been confronted by many, many of these type of fans in my adventures.

      • hawkechik says:

        Ditto, that. And for the record I’ve watched quite a bit of classic era Who although by no means all; love Tom Baker, adore Jon Pertwee, coming up think Eccleston is “fantastic” but will always vote Tennant because in my humble opinion he’s the best. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

      • hawkechik says:

        Oh, and also I absolutely can’t stand Matt Smith. Which means nothing. I also absolutely can’t stand Bruce Willis although he’s done some fine movies. See how you can stretch a point?

  3. Anestis says:

    As the Brigadier says, “Wonderful chaps, all of them”. They are all equally my favourite. Without the Classic series, there would be no New series. People who have only come in to watching Doctor Who with Christopher Ecclestone need to watch some of the Classic series. There are some great stories there. ignore the cheap effects and the cheap sets, just watch the story. Remember, they were made with a very small budget.

    So, I have not participated in the poll because there is no option to choose multiple Doctors.

  4. Monica says:

    I would have liked to been able to choose for ex my three favorite Doctors, 10 would still be my first choice but I also like Tom Baker and Peter Davidson. I’m 54 but I really like the New series and think that David Tennant is the best actor! Although the Doctor is always the Doctor!

  5. Bill says:

    I guess I am in the minority. After watching the entire classic and new series on NetFlix that are available, I liked Jon Pertwee’s Doctor and his stories the best. We wouldn’t have the Autons, the Silurians, the Sontarans or the Master, if not for the imagination of those early writers. Characters like the Brigadier, Sgt. Benton and Lt. Yates. The more frequent use of the Sonic Screwdriver. The Doctor uses his advanced alien knowledge to create a device to deal with dinosaurs and to soup up a classic car into the familiar “Bessie”. While, we are all familiar with the “Run” phrase of the modern series, it would stand to reason that he might actually have some knowledge of how to fight back. His Venusian karate methods to stun or knock out an opponent fit with a non-direct killing philosophy of Doctor Who, though occasionally even that might actually makes sense to have to do.
    So, to me Jon Pertwee’s 5 years as the Doctor were the best.
    Though, David Tennant’s and Tom Baker’s time does not go unnoticed either.

    • David W. Reynolds says:

      Bill, you are quite right. So much of what we consider Who history was made during the Pertwee years.
      That said, somehow he always winds up as one of my least favorite Doctors. The Tennant years almost play like Pertwee redux sometimes, while Matt Smith reminds me so much of Troughton and Tom Baker.
      My kids, BTW, fell in love with Troughton and McGann before they ever bought Tennant as the Doctor.

  6. Mz McPhisto says:

    And the Tennant haters come out like a swarm of locusts. They just can’t handle it that David is still the most popular amongst new and old fans because he deserves it. Sour grapes.

  7. 4th Doctor is best Doctor says:

    I recently attended a Doctor Who convention, and I didn’t have that good of a time. I went in expecting to see more old school fans than nuWho ones. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Lots of people cosplaying 11, a few 10’s, I think there was two 4’s, a 5, and a 2. Most of these new people had no clue there was a show called Doctor Who before 2005. Hell, most of these people were teenagers. I hung out for a bit, but ultimately left because I had nothing to say to these people.

    Call me a snob, call me whatever you want.

  8. Yuuzuki says:

    I think the time you enjoyed Doctor Who the most (which will likely be when you really got into Doctor Who) will have the actor & Doctor that you love the most. I can definitely appreciate the various eras of Doctor Who and why people love “their Doctor” and even why people get defensive. There’s probably a lot of factors that go into the results of this poll, but at the same time, it shows how a lot of people are.

    Bashing is always unpleasant. I’d like to hear more about why people voted for their particular favorite Doctor.

    My favorite Doctor is the Eleventh. I’m fairly young to the show and in my mid-20s. I grew up with Disney movies but also grew to love sci-fi from a young age. I like to say that I have a Star Trek background and the Next Generation gave such a positive view of the future of humanity. The first episode I watched was not an Eleventh Doctor episode however, it was a Tenth Doctor episode.

    I heard about the show from the internet so I thought I’d check it out. It so happened that I’d landed on “The Sound of Drums” (S3E12). I didn’t care for what I saw in that episode but tried again because I became intrigued by clips of Matt’s performance that I saw. I landed on “The God Complex” (S6E11) the next time. I was drawn into the story from start to finish and thoroughly enjoyed the Doctor’s character as portrayed by Matt Smith. From that point, I found out more about the show, watched Series 5 & 6, then from 2005 to the end of Tennant’s era, then started on some Classic Who.

    I really enjoyed the quirkyness of Matt’s portrayal, how he moved and his expressions tied along with an interesting deep sadness within. I loved how he could be absolutely ridiculous in a child-like way and have one of the greatest minds in the universe. Everything about him made me believe in & love this character. A lot of choices put into this reincarnation of the Doctor I thought were brilliant: the bow tie, fish fingers & custard, the fez, his mad professor-like body language, the reactions/expressions of a 5 year old, and the sort of swagger he also has when he likes to “show off”. I think all the incarnations and what every actor put into the character makes such a difference into who the Doctor is, but personally, the Eleventh is my Doctor.

  9. Andrea Driscoll Plumley says:

    I have not seen many of the older episodes but I have to say that I love all things David Tennant. However I really adore Matt Smith. He is the definition of quirky and charismatic. I enjoy every episode he is in and cant wait for the new season though I am going to be sad to see Amy Pond and Rory’s story end. ❤ Dr Who. Dont be Sad Matt everyone loves you!

  10. Mz McPhisto says:

    I voted for David for several reasons. I liked his story arc for one, I like his acting much more than the rest. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of Doctor Who and I think David being a fan helped. I liked that he hardly ever blinked, that he did things like stick people in mirrors. I like that he was the passionate one yet could be quite merciless. I liked that he judged himself rather harshly. Like Chris E. I got to know this Doctor. I know more about River Song than I ever cared to and NOTHING about the 11th Doctor. It’s not Matt’s fault, Moff is not challenging Matt enough, Matt is a magnificent actor who isn’t being used to his full capabilities. And to me Ten is just more likable and more alien than any other Doctor if you pay attention to *him* and not his companions.

    • yipyip says:

      Yeah, I agree with a lot of what you said. Ten is brilliant and my favourite. Tennant is a great actor and him being a huge fan is fantastic. I love the dark and light shades that Ten has.

      I also really like the Fifth Doctor and I adore the Eleventh Doctor’s TARDIS team and I think there are some really excellent episodes in his seasons. But Ten is still my favourite.

      • Mz McPhisto says:

        I love all of them, even Six which most people don’t like. But Ten is my favorite hands down. His story arc and emotional range is amazing.

    • DocJohn says:

      Question… have you seen anything of the classic series? The fact that the Doctor reamined mysterious is actually a good thing because that’s what the character is suppose to be, thus the title, Doctor Who. Also Tennant the most alien? Um no that is a load of nonsense, he was without a doubt the most human of the bunch with constant crying and moping about “Curse of the Time Lords” Matt is far more alien. And the most alien was without a doubt Tom Baker. Also Moffat’s era has given him plenty of challenges he has displayed a great amount of emotions in a way that expresses so much more if you’d pay attention. And why does him being a fan previously make him better? None of the other actors who played the Doctors were “fans” of the show, in fact Davison thought it would ruin his career, but they were all great.

      • Mz McPhisto says:

        It’s out there for sale that Ten is the most human but I’m not buying it. Did any of the other Doctors put people in mirrors? What he *was* was the most passionate one which incudes rage as well as compassion, but if you had an open mind you would have seen that. You are nothing special, just another boring troll Tennant hater. Matt is alien like Mork from Ork is alien.I blame Moffat. If you had been paying attention you would have seen I’ve been a fan since Tom Baker. So stop pitching a fit when people don’t think like you, it makes you look like a fascist.

        For the grown ups here I’d like to ask if anyone knows when this poll ends?

  11. Brendan Clement says:

    That’ll be a tie of sorts. For the New Series, it would have to be David Tennant, becuase of the incredible performance and his quirks that made it his own. But for the Classic Series, it would have to be Tom Baker, becuase he NAILED the part to the point and made it extremely iconic. If it wasn’t for him, the show would be less popular today. I do like all of the others, with the exception of Colin Baker, which loathed as The Sixth Doctor (but I perferred him more as Commander Maxil though).

  12. Mz McPhisto says:

    Doctor Who viewing figures last night compared to David Tennant’s era

    Last night on BBC One the first episode of a new series of Doctor Who was screened at 7.20pm called Asylum Of The Daleks.

    It was announced this morning that the overnight viewing figures were that an average of 6.4 million viewers watched the episode.

    This compares to the average overnight figures watching the first episode of each of the three David Tennant series as:

    New Earth 8.3 million
    Smith and Jones 8.2 million
    Partners In Crime 8.4 million

    These are only the overnight figures and in each case the final figures were or will be higher.

    It seems likely that nowadays more people will watch Doctor Who on the iPlayer which is not included in these figures.

    Also the time it was broadcast makes a difference (the later it is, the higher the viewing figures). However at least one of David Tennant’s first episodes was broadcast an hour earlier than last night!

  13. Jazmine says:

    Being from the younger generation, I haven’t had a chance to watch the previous doctors. I’m sure they were all amazing. just because Tennant is winning doesn’t mean only the young generation is voting. He was amazing, and had a lot of great moments and Smith is currently winning peoples hearts as the doctor.

    I don’t think the polls will ever be accurate. seeing as the series is nearing 50 years, many fans will have passed on in life and never have seen what it has become. It is sad there are internet arguments over who’s the best and whatnot. This is meant to be the favorite among this particular audience. Not the best doctor there ever was.

    And as much as I love 10, he didn’t get my vote. Eccleston did because quite honestly, he is overlooked now. Remember who brought the younger generation into this amazing world. Even when you were a teen who hated alien movies/shows and would sitting on the couch scared to death.

  14. Sandy says:

    My first Doctor was Four, I have seen bits of Three, Eight’s movie and the multiple Doctor movies. Also, all of the current series, right up through “A Town Called Mercy.” and I have come to a conclusion. Only one is THE Doctor. It’s the passion, the showcasing of both sides of the coin…the light and the dark. Also, the brilliant acting and the fact that this actor put his heart into the role and brought the character to new heights never seen before in the fandom. It was obvious from the start and remains so ’till this day. DAVID TENNANT FOREVER

  15. skywench says:

    Tom Baker was my 1st Doctor and Jon Pertwee my 2nd. Paul McGann was the 3rd and Chris Eccleston my 4th. Have also seen all the multiple Doctor movies and all of new Who, right up through what has been shown of series 7 so far. I have to say after viewing all that, it becomes very clear. Only one of these actors is THE Doctor. It was the passion he put into the character, the perfect portrayal of both sides of the coin, light and dark. The fact that he is amazingly talented and put his heart fully into the role. He took the show to new heights never before seen, or since. Yes, only one man will always be MY Doctor. I am NOT 20 years old and you don’t need to agree with me, it won’t change a thing…DAVID TENNANT FOREVER!

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