The Perfect Galette

20120807-205045.jpgWhen I first came across this recipe for a Blackberry and Nectarine Galette while reading my favorite blog, I had to try it right away. To be honest, I am very shy when it comes to baking. Especially when it comes to pie crust and crusts in general. I do not know what was different about this crust, but I felt like I could do it since it did not have intricate lattice-work like pie’s do or special cut outs for the crust. This was more rustic and simplistic. I knew I was ready to finally tackle the pate brisee crust.


I could not believe how easy it was to create my pate brisee {galette crust}!! Having a food processor for this is a must! After you feed the water in to the flour, sugar, butter, and salt, it just comes together so easily, you wont even believe it. Make sure to refrigerate it for at least an hour so that it will be much easier to work with. I split my dough in half so that I would be able to make two galettes from the recipe that I was working with from Smitten Kitchen .


I bought my fruit from Whole Foods. It was the most gorgeous and ripe fruit that I had bought in a long time. It makes a big difference when you go to a grocery store that really takes pride in their produce. It was definitely worth the 45 minute trip to get there. The nectarines were plump and sweet and the berries were perfectly black and huge. When the fruit mixture was ready for the galette crust, all I wanted to do was take a bite. Of course I restrained since I do not know how good cornstarch would taste before baked!!


I rolled out the galette crust on parchment paper and prepped it for the oven. I then spooned in the nectarine and blackberries. I folded the crust over the edges with no certain method to it. Then I brushed egg wash onto the crust and sprinkled the rock sugar for baking. It looked great! I baked the galette and when it came out, it was the perfect blackberry and nectarine galette I ever did see. I could not believe that I actually baked it myself! It’s a seriously impressive dessert that takes hardly any time or effort.


You can serve it warm or cold. I like to put some vanilla bean ice cream on the side to compliment it. If anyone is looking for something to bake that will not take up your time but will look like it actually really did take a lot of time, this is the recipe to make! The taste is splendid and it’s like a pie but much easier to do. I promise, you’re going to enjoy baking this. I certainly did.

Readers, let me know how yours come out!


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