Beauty: Nail It!

Image Credit: Maegan Tintari

Not sure if you have noticed by now or not, but nail polish is evolving. I love manicures because they are a fun and easy way to add a little something extra to your look, whether you pamper yourself and get them done or save some money and do it yourself. Color is a great way to express yourself and pretty much anything goes when it comes to your nails. It is a safe place to experiment because it is not permanent. Even if you stick to the “old school” nail polish, you have so many colors to choose from including glitter, sparkles, and sprinkles in the bottle.

Image Credit: Maegan Tintari

Image Credit: Maegan Tintari

The fall nail colors for 2012 range from “dark and stormy” including rich burgundy and midnight blues to “pale and creamy” colors including white and soft golds. My favorite trend is the french manicure with the darker line on the tip of the nail. I’ve seen it in black , silver and dark reds for the edgy look.

Nail strips are also a hot new craze. I have yet to try the new strips myself, but have heard nothing but good things about them. My fellor blogger/cousin Jessica is a huge fan of the Sally Hansen Nail Real Nail Polish Strips, so, I asked her to give us a quick little tutorial on this new trend.

Image Credit: Flickr User TartanHearts

How to Apply Nail Polish Strips:

  • Remove any polish you currently have on your nails, then wash your hands.
  • File your nails and find the right size strip for each nail (they give you more than ten different sizes).
  • Peel off the strip and as perfectly as you can place it over your nail.
  • Rub out any bubbles that are on your nail and press and rub the strip on your nail.
  • Bend the extra strip hanging at the end of your nail and file it off.

Hello, no messy nail polish!


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