The breeds some people still won’t accept and why that needs to change!

Image Credit: Becky Stern

Pit bull terriers, the breed some people love to hate. They can’t even articulate why they do, but it’s usually because of horror stories the news (which always tells the truth) or someone else told them. Their jaws lock, they are untrustworthy, you never know when they will just snap, they cannot be rehabilitated are just a few of the myths surrounding these dogs. I’ve even heard people who tout themselves as being dog lovers say that a pit bull (I’m using that term broadly; there is the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier…) is the only breed they would never purchase or adopt. The stigma follows this breed wherever they go. My mission, whenever they come up in conversations, whether at work or elsewhere, is to explain to people that they are not the monsters they are made out to be.

Image Credit: Steph Skardal

These lovable blockheads are just as amazing as any other breed, with a vast array of personalities. Just like any other breed. Breeds have come a long way from only being known for 1 or 2 specific traits. Example, Labradors are great retrievers and love water and kids and Pit bulls are natural born killers that can’t be tamed. My dog (lab) loved to play fetch in his younger years but would rather play in traffic than deal with water. Almost drowned after falling into a pool. One of the best retrievers I’ve ever met is a Pug. I knew of several within my first few years of working in a vets office that were so vicious that their own owners were afraid of them, and were bitten by their own dogs. Don’t see them making the news or people wanting to ban them. Number of pit bull type dogs in that same time span I met with that same aggression = a big fat ZERO! I’ve met pit bulls who are therapy dogs, love to swim and lick our faces while we are drawing routine blood from them or doing x-rays. Also just like any other breed, they aren’t for everyone. Wanna know why folks? Because DOGS aren’t for everyone, never mind specific breeds being for certain people.

Image Credit: Dixie Wells

People think they should be banned because of how many people they bite and their “poor” temperament. If these same people would take a second to do a little research before spouting off at the mouth, they could see that via the National Canine Temperament Testing Association an American Pit Bull Terrier is less likely to be aggressive than is a Dalmation, Cocker Spaniel, Wheaton Terrier and Golden Retriever (If you check the site out, the higher the %, the better). Then there are the news stories that play on peoples’ fears that get these dogs hated. Because you know, waiting until the 11 o’clock news to see why if you have hiccups it means you will die in 3 days is to keep the public safe and informed, not at all about getting ratings. Far too often it is not even a bully breed involved in an attack, but will they correct themselves, nope. So again someone will say how horrid these dogs are and they should all be banished.

I think as of late, there has at least been a lot of positivity surrounding these dogs. Especially after the raid of Bad Newz Kennels 5 years ago (M.Vick – I hate even saying his name) people got to see what abuse does to these poor creatures, and how they can survive and make excellent comebacks. So many of those dogs are therapy dogs, have all achieved their Canine Good Citizen tests if they were adopted out. (Couldn’t be adopted out without passing – my dog could never have passed that test) One in particular – Johnny Justice – would go to schools and libraries so kids could read to him. His adorable little self just won votes to become a Gund stuffed toy. How cool is that?!?
More and more people are judging these dogs not based on their looks anymore, but on their sweet loving “pibble” personalities, and the fact that not everyone who owns these dogs is an irresponsible inhumane individual walking their dog with chopped up ears and a gigantic chain and padlock weighing their dog’s head down. Hundreds and thousands of pit bull owners are responsible, law abiding, loving their dog like it’s a member of the family people, and it’s about time people stop shoving these dogs and their owners aside as if they aren’t equal to other dog lovers.

Image Credit: Flickr User Maplegirlie

If more people took the time to research the best breed for their lifestyle, or visited shelters and rescues and spent time with dogs they potentially want to adopt and get to know the dog, I think there would be a lot less homeless dogs out there in general, as well as a higher number of pit bull or pit bull type mixes adopted out. They are not the monsters they are made out to be, …..that is unless you are looking for a snuggle monster, kissing monster or wiggly butt monster, then yes, they have those bases covered. 🙂


27 thoughts on “The breeds some people still won’t accept and why that needs to change!

  1. Jenny @ BAKE says:

    great post! a few years ago I would have fallen into the terrier hater category, but then my parents got a staffi and he is just the loveliest thing I have ever met! he is so full of love and personality

    • Laurie says:

      I too was afraid of Pit Bulls and thought they should all be euthanized, until I accidentally adopted a “mutt” as a puppy from the Humane Society. Thank god it took me two years to realize I had a pittie cross. He was the most awesome dog on earth by that time, since I raised him without fear, socialized him well, and went to school together. When I realized what he was I began to question the myths I’d heard. Have had them for over 16 years now. LOVE the breed!! 🙂

  2. solaris2k says:

    I adopted a Pitbull from the animal shelter and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She’s sweet and friendly. She’s never shown me aggression. She’s very submissive to me and loves to give kisses and will let anyone who pets her rub her belly. She just loves that.

  3. Jennifer Enriquez says:

    OMG, I wanna make out with all the pooches in this article! So cute! I never knew anything about this “breed” until I fostered one. I’m now in LOVE! They are how I like my men (people in my life) to be; loyal, loving and a bit silly.

  4. Jodi Henderson says:

    I told myself I’d never own a terrier (of any kind) because I worried about the energy level and exercise requirement, not to mention the shedding. Then I met Zoe and that was that. She’s a “pit” mix of some kind, but she’s a super sweetheart. Loves every person and dog she meets. One of the reasons I adopted her is so I could educate those around me about these dogs we call pit bulls. Like I tell folks, discriminating against a breed because of the actions of a few is akin to discriminating against white males between the ages of 25 and 40 because that happens to be the demographic of most serial killers. It just ain’t right.

    • Patti J says:

      Jodi – you are so correct, it’s not right. I hear people say, they are just dogs, aren’t there more important things to worry about, like human issues. This is a human issue, because this discriminating based on our dogs’ looks affects us!

  5. CC says:


  6. Randi says:

    Amen to this article you are so right and people just don’t understand how loving this breed is.I have had My Gilly for about a year now rescued her , she was in awlful shape. Upon first getting her she was very skidish and would hide all the time. Today you couldn’t tell she def is part of our family saying this my husband and I and our three rambunctious children 6,7,3 . She loves them she is also very protective over her family if trouble was ever to arise . as any dog would be. She is so easy going and def loves meeting new people as well. I love her so much and couldn’t ask for a better little critter.

  7. Trace Thomas Vickers says:

    I would love to own a pit. But in Ontario they are band , so I have stuck to rottweilers for my breed of choice. I would really like to see the ban lifted on the pit so I can own one

    • Patti J says:

      Trace, these bans are so silly, it’s been proven here in the states that breed bans do not keep people safer from dog bites, and BSL is affecting lots of families…but that’s for my next article. 🙂 Thanks for reading on The Daily Quirk!

  8. Run A Muck Ranch says:

    2 time proud pit mom, here. The first blessed us for 13 years, coming to live with us a flubbery little teletubby, and passing away a flubbery large teletubby. The second was plucked off the street, as an adult, history unknown, from a bad section of town. The only diffence between the 2 – gender. Both were wonderful, loving kids who never showed any sign of meanness or aggression, both would walk perfectly on a buckle collar without even training them. If anyone asked me my oppinion as to what the best breed of family dog is, the answer will always be pit bull.

    All that being said, I do wish people would stop breeding them, at least until the shelter numbers go down. Pits and pit mixes carry the highest euthanasia rate at MCACC, and many of the local rescues will not represent them due to insurance constratints. It kills me to see so many die senslessly. Then again, I have the same wish about all breeding, when there are so many dogs dying in shelters.

    • Patti J says:

      @Run A Muck Ranch – flubbery teletubby has me seriously chuckling to myself. I love that. Also agree big time on the breeding. We see wanna-be breeders in our office or the people who say “oh just one litter”. For what?, when you got the dog you want to breed off the street. No regard for health, genetic problems, homeless pet problem, etc. Ticks me off. Just gotta keep trying to educate.

  9. Patti J says:

    Great comments here! Thanks everyone for reading and enjoying my article. You are all typical of the type of people who own these dogs. It’s a shame that the small amount of people who don’t care for them, fight and abuse them are the ones that make all the news. The more positivity the better!

  10. maria fernandez says:

    I will like to say that my son owns a pitbull and we have train him to be with my chihuahuas he does listen and plays with them I was afraid in the begining when my son brought him home and now we love him verry much I do get upset and sad when I read aricles like this and people do need to learn about this breed. In our home my “kilo” is the king of the house,his a rednose pit…

  11. John Shaul says:

    I have 2 pit/boxer mix’s. They are the best companions I single guy could have. They’re full of energy and LOVE to play and please their “daddy”. One was a humane society rescue and the other was a stray. I’ll be a “pit lover” forever!

  12. The Friendly Pit bull says:

    Very well written post. I’ve owned a total of 5 pit bull type dogs, including the 2 I have now, and I have never once worried about them biting anyone when walking them. Getting a hold of a stray dog is another story, but they aren’t the killing machines the media makes them out to be.

  13. lauraiancu says:

    Reblogged this on Laura iancu's Blog and commented:
    Goe to “Google” search and type in Pit Bull Heroes. Do the same on “You Tube” and so on, and all will see the lies that ‘elites’ put out in repetition to help depopulate and murder. They do this with all species. When one does the re search, one will find that this is fact. It is called “Process of Gradualism”, using a repetitious for of “Mind Control”,

  14. Jessica S says:

    great post Pat! People need to stop being so closed minded and maybe do some research of their own before spitting out untrue information. The idiots that train the dogs to be aggressive should be the ones that are shamed, not these poor dogs!

    • Patti J says:

      Phew!! Thank you Andrea – that’s what I get for typing too fast and letting spell check do the work. Hope you liked the article regardless.

      By the way, when indicating a long pause after a sentence, it’s indicated with an ellipsis “…” , rather than ,,,, 😉

  15. Denise Geary says:

    Hi Patti,
    Thank you so much for addressing this unfair breed discrimination. Dogs brains regardless of age or breed never amount to more than that of a three year old human child and they are therefore like a child with regards to their emotional development (unless medically proven otherwise) and how they are trained to react to certain situations. Like a three year old child dogs are innocent, naive and vulnerable. As a parent is responsible for their child’s emotional development so should a dog owner be for their dog. I have met many breeds throughout my life and have to say that rarely have I met a bull breed dog that is vicious unless trained to be so or medically proven otherwise. As a nation in the Uk parents are held responsible for any lawbreaking committed by their children up to the age of eighteen. The same should be for dog owners. Each dog should be judged dangerous by the deed it commits and not by the breed. I despair at those lacking in emotional education who somehow are in a law making position and have failed to rationalize how ludicrous their breed not deed laws are!
    Denise Geary

  16. Lisa L says:

    We rescued a red nose Pit from The Animal Rescue League. We knew nothing about her but gave her the benefit of the doubt. She is the most loving dog a person could ask for. I can do anything to her, including clipping her nails, cleaning her ears, taking food/toys away etc. Pits are a people pleasing dog and many people don’t understand that, they think all Pits are just aggressive animals. It’s the bad owners that make them aggressive. Our Rosie is a clown with her own special personality. She always wants to be around us and likes to chase the cat (because one of our cats likes to run and tease the dog. The other cat will just sit there and gives Rosie a look like “I am not moving”) . I wish the people who think this breed is aggressive and bad would spend an hour with them. It will change their minds and hopefully their lives.

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