‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers & Speculations!

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Last season’s shocking finale of The Vampire Diaries has us all on the edge of our seats waiting to find out how life in Mystic Falls is going to change for Elena, Bonnie, Caroline, Matt, Tyler and those handsome Salvatore brothers. Elena being turned was by far the biggest shocker of the series thus far. Even though many fans expected it would eventually happen, the manner of the whole thing with Rebekah causing Matt and Elena to drive of the the bridge and Elena asking Stefan to save Matt resulting in her own death (not to mention her not knowing she had the vampire blood in her system!) put an exciting twist on the inevitable.

Now that The Vampire Diaries Season Four Premiere is only weeks away, I figured I would round up some of the best spoilers and give my own take on how I expect season four to play out. Read on for Season Four Spoilers and Speculations!

Elena is going to be faced with a big choice at the onset of Season Four: To feed or not to feed? Since the show would not be the same without her, I think it’s safe to say she will indeed feed, but on who? My bet is on Matt. Executive Producer Julie Plec told The Hollywood Reporter that Matt is “definitely a blood source so we’ll see where that goes” and “perhaps he might offer up [his arm, neck, a part of his body] for her to feed on.” She also told TV Guide,  “Elena saved Matt’s life, so he’s going to end up paying it forward in a very peculiar way,” so it looks like he’ll not only provide the blood that changes her, but also do so willingly. (source 12, & 3)

And if Elena is going to be feeding on Matt, might that lead to more? In the same interview with TV Guide, Plec stated that the newly changed Elena is going to have her “first hot vampire sex” early on in the season and that for Elena, it will be like “she’s going through puberty and vampire sex is going to feel like her first time.” Could that reference to puberty be a subtle hint that Matt, Elena’s first boyfriend, will be the lucky guy? Maybe I’m reading too much into, but I still think it’s a definite possibility. (source 3)

Wondering how this is going to affect the current love triangle going on between Elena and the Salvatore Brothers? Plec is quoted as saying the love triangle will always be “there underneath,” but is not “driving the show.” My take on this is that all three characters will be too busy dealing with the changes in their combined relationships now that Elena is a vampire to have time to try iron everything out… especially once Elena starts remembering all the things Damon made her forget. (source 1)

That’s right, Elena’s going to remember that time Damon told her he loved her, and, even more crucial, that she met Damon first (remember that line Elena delivered to Damon in the season finale “Maybe if I met you first”?). Don’t get too excited Delena fans. Although Plec stated in an interview with TV Line that “it’s certainly not the end of Delena” and  that “In fact, in a way, it’s the beginning of the beginning,” she also said she would not want Elena to be “fickle” and immediately change her mind about Stefan the minute she regains these memories.  (source 14, & 5)

Elena’s transformation will not only affect her relationship with both Damon and Stefan, but their relationship as brothers as well. Plec says Stefan and Damon will have very different views on how Elena’s life as vampire should play out and that it will definitely “put them at odds.” Undoubtedly, Stefan will want Elena to refrain from human blood and Damon will want her to learn to control her blood lust by feeding. (source 1 & 5)

I’m sure Stefan’s choice to respect Elena’s wishes and save Matt first will also be a major source of contention. Stefan will probably be hating himself for allowing Elena to die, and I don’t think he’ll be the only one. I expect to see a lot of anger on Damon’s part (and well all know how fun angry Damon can be). I think most fans would agree Damon never would have obeyed Elena’s request to have Matt saved first (although what that says about how either Salvatore brother feels about her is up for debate). I doubt Damon will be shy about his anger or let Stefan and Matt live it down anytime soon. (source 1 & 5)

In fact, Plec has said the Damon we see in Season Four will be a lot like the Damon we saw in Season One. He will still be the Damon we “know and love… kicking ass and taking names,” but his attitude is going to take a shift. Plec says Damon is done caring what people think about him and is “over” the idea of changing for anyone. He will however be changing his attitude towards Mystic Falls’ first (or second depending on your preference) most handsome hybrid.  Ian Somerhalder implied to TV Guide that Damon and Tyler Lockwood will become drinking buddies and establish a similar dynamic to what Damon and Alaric once had. (source 3 & 5)

Speaking of Tyler, we cannot wait to see how Bonnie’s decision to swap Tyler’s and Klaus’ bodies plays out! According to TV Line, “clothes will fly when Tyler and Caroline reunite,” and Trevino told TV Guide that there will be a “big, spontaneous, explosion of joy with some kissing.” But will she be kissing Tyler or Klaus? When asked that very question Plec replied, “I definitely think that Klaus is going to unwittingly provide a little bit of mistaken identity hijinks in the first episode back.” And that won’t be the only issue for Tyler and Caroline. A new female character, Hailey, who has a history with Tyler and was “very important to him in the past,” will be joining the show. Can’t imagine Ms. Forbes will be too happy about that! (source 13, & 4)

And how will Bonnie fair after her decision to swap Klaus’ & Tyler’s bodies? Plec says Bonnie’s decision comes back to bite her butt a little” with the witches being none too pleased with her actions. In the first episode of the season, Bonnie will go “through a pretty rough time” as a result.  But it’s not all bad news for Bonnie. This season she’ll find herself a new mentor in the form of a college professor and according to Plec, Bonnie is “going to connect with this guy. He’s going to be very, very, very, very brilliant and well-versed in the world of the supernatural.” I wonder if “connect” is Julie Plec’s code word for “canoodle”… (source 1 &  4)

If you’re wondering what about Bonnie and Jeremy, I can ease you concerns a little by saying that Plec told TV Line that the exes “are very bonded to each other” and that they will “continue to be drawn to each other emotionally. Whether it’s romantically or not.” In the mean time Jeremy may be finding a new love interest of his own. April, a childhood friend of Jeremy and Elena, will be returning to Mystic Falls after a tragic loss and will be reconnecting with Jeremy. My hopes aren’t too high for this one though, since McQueen told TV Guide “It will be interesting to see where they go with that… But he and Bonnie still have some unfinished business.” An article on Wet Paint has also teased that “there may be more to her than meets the eye” so I’m thinking April’s story line will go elsewhere. (source 134, & 6)

Fans of the originals will be glad to hear we’ll get to find out more info on them this season. Rebekah (who may wind up living with the Salvatores!) will have a flash back to 900 years ago that will tell us more about her history and the story of how Esther became an “original” witch will be revealed. We will also get more Klaus, in his own body and in the present day, sooner rather than later! (source 12, & 3)

Season Four will also be introducing a vampire hunter named Todd Williams, who will be “a big threat in Mystic Falls,” and a new villain who will be much more elusive than those of seasons past. Plec says this season, the residents of Mystic Falls will not know “who’s pulling the strings and why” adding a new element of mystery to the show. (source 1, 2, & 7)

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to see how these spoilers pan out when The Vampire Diaries returns to the CW on October 11, 2012 8/7c!

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2 thoughts on “‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers & Speculations!

  1. Andrea Driscoll Plumley says:

    Great Speculation. So Alaric is really gone then? I really didnt like that whole serial killer role they made for him. They took away the one stable person in the whole group. Anyhow, I roll my eyes as I type this but I am looking forward to how this all plays out. Its total rubbish but I just cant stop myself. 🙂 Thanks Ashley!

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