Quirky Item of the Week: Fridgeezoo Refrigerator Pets

I want a Fridgeezoo! These cute little guys “live” in your fridge and greet you every time you open the door. They also yell at you if you keep the refrigerator door open too long letting your food get warm and wasting precious energy. Plus they are darn cute. Who wouldn’t want one?

Fridgeezoos come in a variety of different animal types, but as far as I can tell the Polar Bear girl and boy are the only ones you can purchase that speak English. Videos on the web show the others speaking  a weird mix of mostly Japanese with some English sprinkled in. Personally, I think I would prefer a little walrus in my fridge yelling at me angrily in Japanese to an English speaking polar bear, but that’s just me.

The Fridgeezoo is one of those ideas that leaves you simultaneously thinking “why didn’t I think of that?” and “I need to have one!” To get your own visit Think Geek for English speaking Fridgeezoos and Geek Stuff 4 U for those funny little Japan-glish speaking ones!

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