A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned: Otherwise known as that time my daughter ate a penny…

Image Credit: Poppy Thomas-Hill

Our little Bean ate her first inappropriate item. A coin. I got a call on the way home from work on Friday the 30th from my mom. “Patti …..where are you?” “On the turnpike, almost home. (I could hear the worry in my moms voice) Why what’s wrong?” “….Bean (Liv’s nickname) just told me she ate money….”. Oh Boy, At least she’s honest. I couldn’t get home fast enough, not as though I myself was going to get it out. I pictured seeing my daughter crying, doubled over in pain, something would just look wrong. She was fine, happy and playing. I called her doctor, and left a message with the answering service. Of course, this had to happen after hours, at the beginning of the holiday weekend. Awesome!

The woman who handled my call was completely disgusted with me. There was no mistaking her holier than thou attitude (I’m sure if she had kids they NEVER did anything wrong). Her tone indicated that I was indeed an incompetent dope who shouldn’t have kids cause real moms don’t let their kids eat money. Also, after our Dr not calling back, I realized her tone also let me know she was never going to call our daughters Ped. (which she didn’t). Called again, got another nicer woman who still, never relayed our call. Off to the hospital we went. I didn’t want her in the ER, but I knew I was only requesting an x-ray, and had to enter through the ER to get to the radiology department. Fortunately, thing’s went pretty smoothly, our nurse was great, and after sitting with her for about an hr, he was able to let us wait near the radiology department instead of in the ER. No poking, no prodding. Bean did great for her x-ray, wasn’t scared at all of all the noises and machine. 1 minute later, there it was.

Image Credit: Patti Jurgensen / Liv’s stomach

They said it’s likely a quarter. Should take a day and a half to pass, assuming she has regular poopy diapers. (Great, she doesn’t, this will be a fun wait) If it doesn’t bring her back. So we got home, and my husband and I prepared ourselves for what we didn’t know was going to be the longest wait ever for us to get a return on the quarter. By Monday, labor day we had no quarter, and we called the answering service again. Bean has never been sick and we’d never needed to call on a weekend, but he’s known for being there for his patient’s at all times. This woman who answered was the most condecdensding of all. “Um, so you’re telling me this happened Friday and you haven’t called to speak with her Dr. !?!, Now why is that?” OK, I work in a hospital, a veterinary hospital, but still, I’m in a medical field, and espeically with pets, customer service is part of the job, whether you like it or not. I’m never disrespectful of people and their concerns. I was sick of the attitude so I gave it right back. Told her, I tried twice when it happened so it seems your colleuges didn’t relay my calls, I’ll be sure to let the Dr know once YOU tell him that I’m calling again. …..He called me back in 15 minutes. Put us at ease, gave us tips to increase the bowel movements, what to watch for to let us know we needed to get to the ER.  Also let us know it could take even a week more. A mostly all fiber diet, along with adding some Metimucil. Whooo Hoooo were we busy.

Image Credit: Todd Morris

Aside from waiting on the money – one morning  the Bean woke up, took her diaper off and pooped right in her crib. That was fun. The next day while in her play yard while I showered for a measly 5 minutes, she reached her diaper bag on the couch, took out the A&D ointment and smeared it all over her body, head to toe. It too was also in her mouth (what is wrong with this kid??!!) She told people “Imma poop out my money, money is yucky” but day after day, no money. Last weekend we had twp days of nothing, not a poop in sight. Where the heck was this quarter? Sunday night she told us her butt had boo boo’s. Monday morning I came downstairs to quite the stinky bedroom. “Mama – I did poops! A lot!” On went the gloves – it was treasure hunt time. I was never happier, or slightly confused, when I didn’t not find a quarter, but a penny! Eureka!

Image Credit: Patti Jurgensen

Everyone has asked me what are we are going to do with the penny. After being cleaned, it is going to stay in a little bag, maybe put it in this year’s baby book, maybe a little shadow box. We figure we can use it for scratch off tickets, who knows, maybe it will be lucky. I did find it heads up – don’t know if that was luck for her or us. My husband already knows what he wants to do with it. Many years down the road, not long enough for his liking, a guy may show up to take our Livy out. So while he waits for her, Dad is prepared to show him how adorable she was as a baby, along with all of her “accomplishments.”



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