DIY Easy Anthropologie Confetti Tumblers by Radical Possibility

(Image Credit: Radical Possibility)

(Image Credit: Radical Possibility)

Stores like Anthropologie make me wish I had an unlimited home decor budget (as opposed to the reality that buying even one item there could break my budget). Lots of DIY’s claim to replicate items from the store, but leave me wondering who do you really think you’re fooling? Either the look of the final product is all wrong or  the quality is so poor I rather go without than bother doing it myself. But that is NOT the case with these stunning DIY Easy Anthropologie Confetti Tumblers by Radical Possibility!

This DIY is a rare case of the copy being just as great, if not better, than the original. We may not all have the same artistic talent as Zandi, the super cool lady behind Radical Possibility (I mean seriously look at how gorgeous those tumblers are), but the potential to make something just as amazing as what they have on the shelves at Anthropologie is there and that is what I love about this DIY. Check out the instructions over on Radical Possibility to make your own!

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