POLL: Who is Your Ideal Christian Grey?

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EL James describes Christian Grey as tall and muscular with “overwhelming good looks,“unruly dark copper-colored hair,” and “intense, bright gray eyes.” He is twenty seven, but looks younger and has an air of sophistication and authority about him. Add that all together and you probably have an image of your ideal male specimen floating around in your mind that no one actor could ever completely embody… but lots of hollywood’s finest are eager to try.

The list of actors either stepping up to show interest or being fervently supported by fans has grown tenfold since we introduced our original poll back in May. Regardless of who gets cast, each reader will always have their own vision of Christian Grey. We have to ask once and for all, who is your ideal Christian Grey?

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Please note, this poll is for entertainment purposes only and is in no way associated with E.L. James, Vintage Books, Universal Pictures or Focus Features. One vote per individual. Comments are closed. Poll ends 12/31/12.


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