DIY What’s Your Sign Constellation Art by Hello Paper Moon

I think a handmade gift is always more thoughtful than some mass produced knick knack or gift card and when I came across this lovely DIY What’s Your Sign Constellation Art print by Hello Paper Moon I found the next homemade creation I will be gifting this holiday season. I know some people who love astrology who will really appreciate a print made just for them and I cannot wait to give it a try!

This is the kind of DIY that is a brilliant idea even for those that cannot exactly replicate the steps. If you’re not a greater painter, try it with pastels or pencils. Don’t think you’re that good of an artist? You can always print out a map of a constellation and a font  and trace them onto your creation. You could also try going digital making the whole thing on your computer. Or how about trying some stamping or die-cutting to make it happen? The options are endless.

It doesn’t matter what form you choose to use (although it would be awesome if we could all paint up creations as lovely as what Hello Paper Moon came up with), it’s the idea that is totally meaningful and great. Visit Hello Paper Moon for the instructions and have fun creating your own constellation art! Don’t be afraid to let us know what format you chose in the comments!

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