DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden by Camille Styles

Fresh herbs are a necessity if you want to make a good meal, but the idea of keeping up with an outdoor garden to maintain them makes me want to grab for packaged and dry from the cabinet. Yes, I could run to the store and buy some fresh herbs, but you really can’t stock up on them because they go bad and gosh can they be expensive (I grabbed a few different herbs for a recipe last thanksgiving and the bill came out to thirty two dollars!). This DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden by Camille Styles is the answer to all my herb woes and I am sure you will feel the same.  

Growing your herbs indoors is a great way to keep your cooking fresh without having to deal with the consent weeding and tending to of a traditional garden. I am sure you all have seen infommercials advertising similar products that look like ugly plastic catastrophes, but this DIY can be made for half the price and has more than double the style. It would make a beautiful addition to anyone’s kitchen doubling as both rustic decor and a convenient way to grow your herbs indoors.  For the full DIY (and lots of other awesome posts!), visit Camille Styles.


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