Love Your Body Day Celebrates 15 Years of Self-Acceptance

Image Credit: Wade M

Today, Oct. 17, women across the country will be pointing out everything that makes their bodies unique. Hosted by the National Organization for Women, Love Your Body Day will be celebrating its 15th year of promoting positive body image among women. The day was created to encourage women and girls to express their opinions to the media on the portrayal of the ideal physique and to demand that a more realistic and accepting image be promoted.

But here’s the thing. Love Your Body Day, while doing something amazing by planning events and demonstrations against media portrayal, should also be about something more personal. We, as women, should make this day a starting point to look in the mirror and not critique ourselves, but rather find things about our bodies that make us feel good. Aspects about our bodies that make each one of us feel absolutely beautiful.

Enamored by the shape of your nose? Wonderful! Think that your love handles are sexy? Awesome!

So use today to go out there, show off your curves, release your boney shoulders from the hidden depths of bulky sweaters and flaunt what your mama gave you. Because we are beautiful, ladies, and it’s time that the rest of the world sees us in the same light.

So celebrate today and every other day, because while Love Your Body Day only comes once a year, loving your body should not.

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