It’s National Pit Bull Awareness Month!

Image Credit : Love-A-Bull, Inc.

In today’s piece, we are focusing on something very important – National Pit Bull Awareness Day! This began in 2007, started by Jodi Preis. On that day several years ago, over 150 events were held to educate others, and celebrate what a wonderful breed the American Pit Bull Terrier (and other bully breeds, Staffys, etc) are. This year, while it is a month of events, the official date is the 27th. What better way to make a difference in such a positive way than by attending one of these events, or by starting your own to showcase that “pitties” and their owners are so much more than what everyone is led to believe.

Being a breed advocate, you’ve got to show the public what the news and other media outlets do not – the truth. It’s not just for the dogs; it’s for us as well. To let those non believers in your community see that it is a fraction of pit bull owners that are negligent and irresponsible, and you shouldn’t be judged based on your looks or your dogs. The discrimination needs to stop.

Image Credit: Flickr User mikebaird

These dogs are in the media for all the wrong reasons, and National Pit Bull Awareness Day and Month is a wonderful way to forge positive connections in your town with your bully breed. Giving someone a positive meeting with your pooch is sometimes all that is needed to set the wheels in motion, and reverse their beliefs based on inaccurate portrayals of the American Pit Bull Terriers.

Get out there and show off your loving companion. Maybe you have a pit bull that’s a therapy dog, maybe one trained in search and rescue. Show others that you don’t own an inherently dangerous dog breed, your dog is an individual, as all dogs are within any breed. Get the conversation started, as the more people who finally understand that problem dogs are directly related to their problem dog owners, the more compassion and acceptance positive bully owners will receive.

Image Credit: Flickr user stephskardal

Dogs are products of their environments, and there are a group of dogs who show us that fact more every day, the “Vick dogs” rescued from his illegal dog fighting ring. I hate to even say that they are the Vick dogs; they WERE for an unfortunate period of time. Then they had to spend several months in less than adequate shelters until they got their official release into the world, until they were freed. The great thing about this years National Pit Bull Awareness Month is that it is a 5 year anniversary of these dogs getting their release from life in “the pound” after being removed from that mans property (if you can call him that) to rescues for all of the TLC they could get. This month is a great way to showcase that “It’s all how they are raised” isn’t necessarily true. If it was, all of those dogs would not be in their loving homes today, showing off how their caring, enriched environments have forever changed their lives and the publics’ perception of them as well. (You can find a number of them online with their own facebook pages! The bubble beauty below, and the cover girl for my article is Ginger Girl – one of the many dogs saved from vick’s compound)

Image Credit: Stacy Dubuc

So this month, every month get out their and celebrate your love for your Bully or for one that you know. By changing minds for the better, one at a time, can only continue to snowball with all of the positive knowledge we have for these dogs. It will benefit them, and those who share their lives with them for a long time to come.

Check out the link to see if there are any events in your area!


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