Ultimate Caramel Apple Recipe by Cooking Classy

Image Credit: http://cookingclassy.blogspot.com

Caramel apples are one of my favorite fall treats. I have often thought about ordering the delicious looking gourmet versions sold by specialty shops, but gosh are they pricey. In lieu of spending upwards of $8.00 USD an apple, I started looking for some DIY recipe ideas and came across this great post from Cooking Classy.

Not only does the Cooking Classy post teach you the basics of making a caramel apple at home, recipe and all, it has a long list of yummy topping ideas to kick your homemade caramel apples up a notch like the pricey gourmet versions. Just look at how amazing Cooking Classy’s apples turned out! To find out how you too can make beautiful and delicious caramel apples, check out the recipe on Cooking Classy!

Image Credit: http://cookingclassy.blogspot.com

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