Are more Twilight Saga Movies in the works?

Image Credit: Summit Entertainment

Image Credit: Summit Entertainment

Are there more Twilight movies on the way? Back in June, rumors were swirling that a reboot of the original series was being considered by Summit Entertainment, but the studio swiftly responded by saying no reboot was planned. Summit is not, however, as swift to knock down the recent rumors that a new series of movies set in the world of Twilight could be on the way. With Breaking Dawn: Part II introducing a smorgasbord of new vampire clans, a new set of movies following the lives and loves of vampires and mortals would have no shortage of characters to choose from.

Depending on how the supporting cast feels about continuing their Twilight tenure, it would be easy enough to create movies centering around any of the supporting vampire couples we already know, Carlisle & Esme, Emmett & Rosalie, or Jasper & Alice, as well. There are fans of the series who prefer one or all of these couples to main characters, Edward & Bella, and would love to see more of them whether it be their back-stories or future lives together. I doubt there is much chance of this happening, but fans can always hope.

It has also been suggested that the Volturi would be the choice for a spin-off, but I find it doubtful considering the profile of the actors who played the parts, especially Michael Sheen, Dakota Fanning, and Jamie Campbell Bower, who are attached to many other upcoming films. Perhaps they plan on taking us back in time with the Volturi, which would work with alternative casting, but spin even further off from the Twlight setting that viewers have fallen in love with.

My best guess is that whatever kind of spin-off comes about, whether it be a film or television project, will center around the Werewolf Pack minus Taylor Lautner, who can be explained away as running off with his “imprintee.” A story centered around the Wolf Pack would maintain the familiar Twilight setting of the Quileute Indian Reservation and Forks, Washington. Perhaps the Cullens could depart and some new vampires will move to town causing new loves and conflicts to ignite.

Vote for the characters you would like to see more Twilight movies about!

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