Travel Beauty Tips from Stay in the Lines

Image Credit: Flickr User CJAG93

It’s the holiday season and for a lot of people that means travel, but you don’t have to let your look suffer while you’re on the go. Jacyln Giuliano of Stay in the Lines has some great tips for looking your best while on the road. She recommends four easy to find products (three inexpensive and one mid-priced) that you can make multitask for your travelling beauty needs!  

First on Jaclyn’s list is Bobby Brown’s Shimmer Brick in bronze. The Shimmer Brick has five shades of bronze that can be used as an all over face bronzer to give your winter pallor a hint of color. It can also be used to add some shimmer to your cheekbones, as an eyeshadow, or to highlight your eyes. If bronze doesn’t work for you, the compact is also available in 24 Karat (shades of gold), Pink Quartz (shades of warm pink), Wild Rose (shades of berry pink), and Nectar (shades of soft coral).

Holiday travel can be stressful, and the more I stress the shiner my face starts to get (darn those oil glands). Jaclyn has found a great answer to the problem in Papier Poudré. These nifty sheets are a combination of the oil absorbing sheets that have been common fair and a powder compact. They soak up the nasty oil helping to reduce shine and add a light scented powder to give your face a perfect matte finish. These are a must before your relative that takes a million unflattering pictures each holiday starts snapping away.

Jaclyn’s next recommendation is Lubriderm Advanced Therapy SPF 30 Lotion Moisturizer with Sunscreen which is an awesome moisturizer for the drying winter months and as she mentions in her original post, works much better than the kind you find in your hotel room while travelling. It also doubles as an SPF. I know I sometimes forget that even in cold of winter, my skin still needs protection from the sun, and this multipurpose lotion makes it easy to keep skin healthy and safe.

And finally, Jaclyn recommends Aquaphor Healing Ointment, which she found more uses for than my unimaginative brain could have ever come up with. While on the road, she used it as a lip balm, for eyebrow control, to moisturize dry heels, and as cuticle cream. Talk about getting your money’s worth!

Check out Jaclyn’s Original Post on Stay in the Lines for her thoughts on these products and how they helped her stay looking her best on the road!

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