Seeing “Supernatural”: A look beyond the Winchesters

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If you ask any fan of The CW’s cult hit Supernatural to describe the show, the first words out of his of her mouth will be “It’s a show about two brothers driving around the country…” et cetera, et cetera. And while the Winchester brothers (played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) definitely are the most beloved part of the long running series, the fandom has found many other minor characters burrowing a place in their salt-coated hearts over the show’s eight seasons. Here’s a look at some of the favorites:

Andy Gallagher

Image Credit: The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

Oh sweet, innocent Andy (Gabriel Tigerman). Things never looked good for this bong-loving free loader. Especially when it was revealed that not only was Andy one of Azazel’s “special children” but also that he had an evil twin brother determined to destroy everything standing between his possible reunion with his brother. Sadly, while Andy survived his first encounter with the Winchesters, he doesn’t make it through the second and is killed by another of the special children in the Season 2 finale. But it’s undeniable that Mr. Gallagher had us from the moment he stole the Impala right out of Dean’s hands, even though he had a van with a barbarian queen painted on the side that was all his own.

Tessa (the Reaper)

Image Credit: The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

I know it seems crazy, but Tessa (Lindsey McKeon) is a female character that’s actually still alive. It might be a reason that she has found a way into the hearts of many Supernatural fans, but it isn’t the only one. This reaper is different from others on the show, mainly because she’s not a withering old man in a black suit, but also because she’s much more human. Tessa is comforting without being dishonesty, gentle without being easily manipulated and one of the few characters fans feel they can like, even if she is classified as a “monster.” Plus, she has a dynamic with Dean that is comparable to few other characters. He is, of course, the one that got away.

Bela Talbot

Image Credit: The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

Oh, the lady we hate to love. Bela (Lauren Cohan) was just another thorn in the Winchester brothers’ already pain-filled side for the majority of Season 3, but for some the British thief who slept “on silk sheets, rolling naked in money” was a breath of fresh, female air to the predominantly male show. Bela kept up with the boys, shooting Sam, outsmarting Dean and even generally make them look like fools. That is until she meets her demise by Hellhounds in a motel room once occupied by Sam and Dean where she was sent to kill our two heroes. Thus is the curse of most women who play a role in the Supernatural world.

A petition was started by fans after Bela’s death to bring the character back, but nothing ever came from it. This did prove, however, that there was a portion of the fandom who felt the sneaky British thief was worth more time, possibly because she added a new layer to a world full of testosterone. But maybe it was just because we wanted her car (a Mercedes CLK, in case you were wondering.)

Adam Milligan

Image Credit: The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

Adam (Jake Abel) is the third Winchester brother that shared two main traits with Sam and Dean: John Winchester as a father and an unfortunately long string of bad luck. He gets eaten by ghouls, ripped out of a heavenly prom (literally) by a deceitful angel, used as Michael’s vessel in a battle he was never meant to fight, and ultimately ends up trapped in Lucifer’s box for all eternity. And sadly, it doesn’t look like he’ll ever get out.  But fans feel a certain sympathy to his character, party because of his tie with the Winchesters and because of his innocence to the entire supernatural world. Or it could just be those baby blues he likes to use to stun people everywhere.


Image Credit: The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

When this angel made his first appearance as a snarky, treasure-hording bag of feathers, fans were split on whether to love him or hate him. But as Season 6 continued, Balthazar (Sebastian Roché) began to grow on everyone because of both his humor and his brotherly affection towards the wayward Castiel. Not to mention his ability to unsink the Titanic and insult Fate all in one episode. Fans hadn’t been given a taste of how good angels could be (besides Cas) since Gabriel’s departure in Season 5. Sadly, it’s the good ones that never last long and Balthazar was stabbed in the back by Castiel after he had been conspiring with the Winchester brothers to bring the other angel down. Your wit and sexy accent are greatly missed, Balthazar.

Tell us all about your favorites in the comments below!

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