Quirky Item of the Week: Book Rest Lamp by SUCK UK

As much as I love the convenience of e-books, I will always be partial to the experience of laying in bed and turning the pages of a good ol’ fashioned paper book before bed each night. I tend to read write up to the point of complete sleepiness and then drop the book on the nightstand next to me in lieu of a bookmark (because honestly I have lost more bookmarks than anyone person should purchase in a lifetime). When I saw this Book Rest Lamp by SUCK UK, I knew exactly what I needed to ask for this holiday season.

This nifty little lamp not only provides soft light to read by, but is also a great way to mark your place in a book when you’re done reading for the night. I especially like that it’s meant to look like a little house for your book. Something about my books having a home when I’m not reading them makes me smile and if you love books I bet you will have the same reaction. You can find out more about the Book Rest Lamp on SUCK UK’s Website.

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