Movie Review: ‘The Charon Incident’

The Charon Incident is an Independent Short Film by writer/director Allan Wylie, with a plot that will have you wondering what goes on behind the walls of big name pharmaceutical companies when no one is looking. The film centers around fictional Agape Pharmaceuticals, a company attempting to “corner the market on saving lives,” and stars Jessie Pavelka as Clay Davidson, a “private fixer” who is tasked with one last mission from his handler before retiring. To tell you anymore than that would ruin all the fun of this suspenseful watch, so I’ll get right to the review

The Charon Incident first came to my attention while I was doing research for an interview with the film’s star, Jessie Pavelka, and I had been eager to see it since. I was aware The Charon Incident was an independently produced short film shot in just a few days, so I was not expecting high production value. Shame on me, because the film’s visuals and sound are superb and right from the start the viewer is treated to Wylie’s keen eye for a shot. Wylie takes full advantage of his London backdrop, providing beautiful visuals that add to the story rather than distract and uses Pavelka’s good looks for all they are worth (the short makes time for a brief shower scene that makes sense in the story, but is a pretty gratuitous look at lead’s physique, not that I’m complaining).

Pavelka makes an excellent leading man and is as believable when wearing the hat of “fixer”as he is playing the dutiful husband and father. I found his performance to be rather genuine, as was Dana Ruprecht playing his onscreen wife. Their credibility as a couple made me emotionally invested in what happened to Davidson and worrying about him not only as an individual, but as part of a family added to the film’s element of suspense for me.

As I stated above, I don’t want to say much more about the plot, because it makes for a much better viewing experience realizing for yourself what is happening, and would take a little of the oomph out of the cliff-hanger ending. For those of you who see cliff-hanger and say why bother, I have two very good reasons you should. The film is satisfying on it’s own account and the ending will leave you thinking about the film’s plot for weeks. If you’re still on the fence, you ought to know a feature length sequel is in the works and this short is meant to be a introduction into the world of Clay Davidson.

The Charon Incident is both thought provoking and suspenseful, two qualities I love in a film! I definitely recommend you check it out, but you don’t have to take my word for it. The Charon Incident recently won “Best of Fest” at the Route 66 International Film Festival and will be screening at The White Sands International Film Festival in New Mexico in September 2013. The film may also be screening in Florida, California and Scotland in the future. If you’re interested in bringing the film to your area, contact your local film festivals and request that they screen The Charon Incident.

In the meantime, check out our Interview with the film’s director Allan Wylie for more about The Charon Incident and it’s sequel, visit the film’s site for even more about this amazing short, follow the film on twitter for updates, and last but not least, give the film a like on Facebook.

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