DIY Vintage Glitter Bulbs by The Moody Fashionista

There is something about old fashioned Christmas tree light bulbs that makes me incredibly nostalgic. Seeing them brings back wonderful holiday memories Christmases at my grandmother’s house. She always used the old fashioned lights on her tree and seeing them brings a smile to my face. At the same time, I am not a big fan of how they look on my own Christmas tree. Call me strange, but I feel like they clunky and odd on my tree even though they always seemed perfect on hers. When I came across these DIY Vintage Glitter Bulbs by The Moody Fashionista, I found the perfect way to include the nostalgia of vintage Christmas bulbs into my holiday decor, while sticking to my preference of the smaller bulbed lights on my tree.

This DIY is also great for people who still like to use the traditional lights on their tree. Every year you wind up with burned out bulbs that need replacing. Instead of tossing them, this DIY let’s you upcycle your bulbs into beautiful decor. They are incredibly easy to make and can be used a variety of ways to add a little glitter to your holiday. You can use them as bowl filler (as shown above), attach hooks and use them as hanging ornaments on your tree, or add them to a wreath for some extra sparkle! For the Full DIY, visit The Moody Fashionista!

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