You are 10 Steps Away from Perfectly Plucked Eyebrows!

Image Credit: Maria Morri

Image Credit: Maria Morri

I am not sure about everyone else, but when I have my eyebrows newly plucked and/or waxed, I feel like a completely different person. The shape of your eyebrows can change the look of your entire face. I used to get my eyebrows waxed every month. In the past year, I decided to grow my eyebrows in a bit (that thin straight line that was the “look” in high school, thankfully is not in anymore).

I realized now that I am leaving more hair on eyebrows, they’re growing in too fast for my once a month waxing to keep them neat. I’ve started needing to pluck  them in between waxings and once I began to keep up with plucking every two  to three weeks, I realized I didn’t need to bother with waxing at all (I have not gotten my eyebrows painfully ripped off in about two months!) I will probably get them waxed at some point if I slack off and want to get them “cleaned-up,” but for the most part following good plucking technique is working to keep me wax free. I follow these helpful tips and tricks to prevent my painful visits with the wax strip and to have some extra money for a manicure or pedicure (well worth the little twinge of plucking pain)!

Step One: Start by choosing the right tweezers! The experts recommend skipping a pointy pair in favor of the slanted variety, which grab stray hairs easier (and you’re less likely to pinch your skin!) I personally recommend the Tweezerman brand slanted tweezers that can be purchased at Sephora.

Step Two: Just like with a facial, a little steam makes everything come out much easier! Try tweezing after a shower or applying a warm hot compress before you begin plucking. The warm heat will loosen the follicles and help the hairs to come out much easier.  I use the the warm rag method myself and it really does wonders!

Step Three: There’s no need to suffer! Did you know plucking your eyebrows is more painful around your period? Avoid unnecessary suffering, by planing your plucking for a more pain free time. If the plucking can’t wait, experts recommend you try applying Orajel pain relief gel before you pluck. It’s used to help babies with the pain of teething and should help by numbing up the sensitive eyebrow skin. I have not personally tried the Orajel for numbing, but I do apply a thin layer of Vaseline on the spots where I will be plucking. Personally, I feel this makes them slide out easier and helps with any irritation.

Step Four: Don’t lose sight of the big picture! Skip the magnifying mirror, and use a standard mirror in a well lit room. The magnifying mirror often tempts us to pluck more then we need too and can result in some serious over plucking. Even when using a standard mirror you’ll undoubtedly be focusing on your eye area, so remember to take a step back  every now and then and to check out your entire face.

Step Five: Know where your brows should start, stop, and arch! According to experts, your eyebrow should start right above your tear duct and end at a point about 45 degrees from the opposite corner of your eye. The highest point of your brow, the arch, should be above the outer edge of your iris.

Step Six: Use a guideline! Take an eyebrow pencil and shade in the area of the eyebrow you want to keep. Only pluck away hairs that fall below the shaded area. Remember, you can always pluck more, but your can’t put it back!

Step Seven: Know how to reduce redness! Applying a little bit of over-the-counter cortisone cream will help to reduce the redness and inflammation left after plucking.

Step Eight: Your eyebrows need brushing too! Use a brow brush or some clear brow gel to enhance the look of your brows and keep them in place. Try brushing up towards your arch from the start and then down  towards the bottom at the end of the arch.

Step Nine: A little filler goes a long way! If your brows are sparse, try filling them in a bit with a good brow pencil. If you’re a brunette, try a shade somewhere between one and two lighter than your hair color. Golden shades work best for light blondes, while taupe tones work better for darker blondes. Red heads should try something in the warm brown family.

Step Ten: When all else fails, let ’em grow! If you’ve overplucked your brows or want to change the shape, let them grow in for a full three weeks before grabbing for the tweezers. After three weeks, you should be able to glimpse your brows close to their natural state.

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