Is the Crossfire Series luring fans away from Fifty Shades of Grey?

Fifty Shades of Grey Cover (Image Credit: EL James) / Bard to You Cover (Image Credit: Slyvia Day)

Fifty Shades of Grey Cover (Image Credit: EL James) / Bard to You Cover (Image Credit: Slyvia Day)

As Fifty Shades of Grey fans become more and more frustrated with the lack of information and updates on the film adaptation of the book, it looks like interest is beginning to shift to other steamy written works out there such as, the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day. Bared to You, Reflected in You, and the upcoming third installment Entwined With You (releasing May 7, 2013), have been known to be a good replacement for those who are having “Fifty Shades of Grey withdrawals. Even though the Crossfire series bares a similar style, not to mention a few similar circumstances to Fifty Shades of Grey, it has its own unique twist that has the women pining over the charming Gideon Cross.

In Bared to You, Eva Tramell decides to take a tour to the new building she we will be working in the day before she starts at her new job in the Crossfire building, in order to familiarize herself with the facility. In a turn of events, she runs into a wealthy and powerful man, who she later finds out to be Gideon Cross, the owner of the Crossfire building. Gideon and Eva, both of whom have suffered from childhood traumas that have left them in need of affection and control, instantly connect through their lust for each other.

Gideon begins to pursue Eva relentlessly and even though Eva would like nothing more than to sleep with him, she is put off by his businesslike manner towards their relationship. From the start, Gideon makes his intentions clear, he is determined on keeping his friendships separate from his sex life, and while Eva isn’t seeking more than a friends-with-benefits arrangement, she is not content with  Gideon’s desire to posses her the same way he posses his company, cold and professional. Eva and Gideon begin to negotiate their relationship, but the effects of their past come in to play causing complications and a great read.

While both Gideon Cross and Christian Grey suffered from childhood traumas, Gideon’s psychological wounds are much more traumatic and disturbed compared to Christian’s. This has severed the few ties he’s had with his family, as opposed to Christian who has managed to keep his family at arms length. In my opinion, this in turn has also made Gideon have a co-dependent relationship with Eva instead of a romantic one, while Christian and Ana showed signs of romantic appeal towards each other within the first book of the series. Whatever your opinions of Gideon and Christian may be, it seems that women may be becoming more attracted to characters with damaged souls, and pushing further away from the classic romantic heroes.

As the debate over the shift in interest to Crossfire continues, with some claiming the reason is that Crossfire is a much better written series, others saying the lack of progress with Fifty Shades of Grey is the reason fans are getting “turned-off” from Christian Grey, and yet others blaming the fact that the Fifty Shades series books were published too close together, one thing seems clear: interest in both of these books looks like it will remain strong, at least until the next painfully handsome and tragically tortured hunk comes along with his own new series.


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2 thoughts on “Is the Crossfire Series luring fans away from Fifty Shades of Grey?

  1. Powell says:

    I did or do love the Fifty shades books and have rooted for my favorite CG actor,participated in polls etc. But we’ve received so little info since then and the people behind the scenes don’t seem to care what the fans might like to see in the movie anyway so I have lost interest very much. It took me several months to want to read another book but when I finally did I discovered other great books too.Not only the Crossfire series but also On Dublin Street and a few others that were at least as good as FSOG or better in some ways.They could’ve really made this fun for the Fifty shades fans and themselves and have some input from their audience. It could’ve been a groundbreaking,innovative way to interact with their audience but they had to try to play it by the book and be condescending and now I know myself and others are turned off and no longer care.

  2. latersbabyuk says:

    It is possible to love the Fifty Shades books AND enjoy other books in the erotic romance genre. I know there’s room for more than one hot billionaire in my head (and pants!). EL James opened the door and now Sylvia Day, Sylvain Reynard, Alice Clayton, Tara Sivec, Tiffany Reiss and a whole host of other authors are enjoying more people reading their books. And good on ’em I say!

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