Would you rent designer nail polish?

Renting Polish (Image Credit: Maria Morri)

Renting Polish (Image Credit: Maria Morri)

Love the latest shade (or possibly every shade) of polish by Chanel or Tom Ford, but can’t bring yourself to spend another thirty bucks on one 12ml bottle? If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to justify the price when you change colors often and a bottle of polish usually goes bad in a drawer full of last month’s colors before you finish using it. That doesn’t stop me from coveting those gorgeous little bottles of sumptuous color though, or trying to figure out how many Starbucks I would need to skip to make myself feel less guilty about buying one…. which leads me to believe the individuals behind Lacquerous are either spying on me or really smart business people.

Think about it.  The concept of renting luxury items is nothing new. We rent everything from vacation homes and cars, to designer dresses and jewelry. Rent the Runway has made a successful business out of renting out designer fashion for less and Bag Borrow or Steal has jumped into the niche market exclusively renting handbags. Now Lacquerous is hoping to corner a niche market of its own exclusively renting out high end nail polish for a monthly flat rate. It sounds brilliant  but how does it work?

Well, you pay a flat rate of $18 USD a month and Lacquerous sends you three polishes of your choice from their selection. You can use each polish 2-3 times during your thirty day rental period and you get free return postage to send them back when you’re done. Sounds pretty swell considering one bottle of high end polish costs more than the monthly rental fee alone. So what’s the catch?

There really isn’t one. You just have to be ok with the fact that someone else may have used the polish before you rented it and careful enough not to spill, break, or lose your rentals. If the whole “someone else touched it” aspect bothers you it’s not a service for you, but keep in mind that the chemical nature of nail polish makes it pretty impossible for gross stuff like bacteria or fungus to grow and they clean the bottles and brushes between each rental, which your local nail salon probably doesn’t even bother to do.

I personally think it’s a pretty cool concept and would be willing to give it a try, but what do you think? Would you want to rent designer nail polish? Let us know in the comments!

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One thought on “Would you rent designer nail polish?

  1. beautytherapystudent says:

    In short, no, I would have no interest in renting a polish, espesh when the rental isnt far off the cost of a bottle of good polish a month. Can’t see it taking off on a large scale but I imagine they will make a bit of money from the novelty of the concept to begin with 🙂

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