DIY Gilded Moleskin Journal by Design Mom

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I like journals and I like monograms, s0 this DIY by Design Mom got my attention right away. I was one of those kids that would scribble my initials all over the covers and margins of my notebooks (I had this thing for putting A’s in stars. I think I had it in my head that it stood for my name and being “a star” I don’t know I was a weird kid, who grew up into a weird adult who got it tattooed on herself). I would also insist on purchasing anything with an “A” on it just because and even had some of those obnoxious sweaters with your initial embroidered or in rhinestones in the early 2000’s, but enough about me.  

Even if you don’t have a freaky monogram obsession, this DIY is a super cool way to personalize a journal. You can go with an initial, an ampersand like in the original post, or even a simple image. The only limit is your creativity and your skill with an x-acto knife! I think it would make great gift for the writer in your life or be a nice way to add a personal touch to your own journal. For the Full DIY, visit Design Mom!

(Image Credit:

(Image Credit:

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