Quirky Item of the Week: Memoto Automatic Camera

(Image Credit: http://memoto.com)

(Image Credit: http://memoto.com)

When I first saw the Memoto Automatic Camera, I thought it was one of those crazy inventions you see on Pinterest that don’t actually exist. I almost didn’t bother searching for it, being let down by Pinterest so many times before, but something about this quirky little camera made me curious enough to do a little research. I was thrilled to see that the Memoto does in fact exist and can be purchased (if your willing to pre-order and wait for April 2013 delivery. But what is it you ask? Just about the coolest digital camera invention to date.

The Memoto Automatic Camera is a small digital camera you wear (yes wear) on your person. It takes two pictures a minute (you read that right, it takes the pictures, not you) until you cover the lens and has a battery life of about two days. You can chose to use Memoto’s service to access your pictures on their network (in which case your photos will be organized and sorted for you) or to store the photos locally on your computer and sort them on your own.

Memoto advertises the camera as an everyday wear, which I’m not completely sold on, even though I love the concept of this automatic camera. The hands and button free idea is great and think it would be a wonderful in addition to a regular camera (not so much as a replacement). I could see myself clipping this on while at a party or get together once I’ve taken the obligatory “posed” photos with my actual camera. I would be able to capture all the candid moments without having to bother with lugging my camera around all night which is pretty awesome. I think it would also be pretty awesome while travelling, again for when I’ve put away your actual camera, but would still like to capture the sights.

To find out more about the Memoto Automatic Camera and possibly order your own, visit Memoto.

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2 thoughts on “Quirky Item of the Week: Memoto Automatic Camera

  1. Niclas says:

    Hi, this is Niclas from Memoto. Thanks for writing about our company! We’re getting close to shipping the Memoto camera to the market and we appreciate your support! If you (this blog or its readers) have any questions – please don’t hesitate to reach out through twitter, facebook, web, etc!

    Best regards, Niclas Johansson

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