‘American Horror Story’ Season 3 Spoilers and Speculation!

American Horror Story: Asylum

American Horror Story: Asylum (Image Credit: FX)

The final episode of American Horror Story: Asylum is almost upon us, so naturally AHS fans everywhere are dying to know what the next season of this hit horror anthology series will bring. We’ve known for some time now that Jessica Lange will be returning for her third round of AHS, but little else until now! Read on for some spoilery goodness!

One of the most interesting facets of American Horror Story, at least for me, has been watching the returning actors take on new roles in season two. If you feel the same, you’ll be pleased to know that season three will see Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, and Sarah Paulson all returning in new roles! According to Murphy, some other season one actors will be returning although there is no word on which actors it will be (my fingers are crossed for Taissa Farmiga and Alexandra Breckenridge). Murphy has also stated there will be some fresh faces in season three and that he is “just now meeting with a lot of actors”  who were chosen because Jessica  Lange wanted to work with them. (source 1 & 2)

As for who the returning characters will be playing, Murphy isn’t giving away much. He’s been quoted as saying Evan Peters will likely be playing “a sobbing psychopath” similar to his season one go round, and the he knows what character Sarah Paulson will be playing, although she doesn’t. Murphy has described Lange’s season three character “really glamour cat sort of lady” and joked she is only returning for season three because he promised her “hair and makeup and the best designer gowns ever.” (source 1 & 5)

It sounds like all of season three, along with Lange, will bit a bit more glamorous and romantic. Murphy has said he wants season three to have more of an “evil glamour” feel than the past two seasons and that he also wants to bring back the romance element of season one.  Murphy has confirmed the third season will in part be a sort of romance, with both a female protagonist and antagonist in the mix and has been quoted as saying “I really loved having that Romeo & Juliet youth story with Violet and Tate. I want something like that again.” (source 2, 3, & 4)

Expect season three to have some more humor too. Murphy says we should expect a “very different tone” next season and that he’s embracing  “something a little bit more fun” in part because he missed the witty banter of Lange’s Constance from season one. (source 1 & 2)

What else do we know about season three?  Besides the glamour, romance, and comedy, the story will be “historical in nature,” revolve around Lange’s character, and have an “icon” like the “rubber man” and “bloody face” of the previous seasons, but this time a woman.  The main location will be a spot Jessica Lange requested and  “a place in the country where true horror has been” according to Murphy. The story will take place in a modern day setting, but jump between time periods and locations like previous seasons and consist of thirteen episodes. (source 1, 2, 4, & 5)

American Horror Story: Asylum (Image Credit: FX)

American Horror Story: Asylum (Image Credit: FX)

Murphy has also teased the season two episode “The Name Game” contained clues about season three’s story. Fans may remember Sarah Paulson’s character Billie Dean mentioning asylums in season one episode “Birth” foreshadowing the season two setting. Murphy has said the clue is different this time and that fans have to really watch to catch it,  leaving fans knit picking every detail of the episode. So far, one of the most popular fan theories revolves around the emphasis on the song “I Put a Spell on You” in the rec room  jukebox. The song has fans speculating season three’s story will involved some sort of witchcraft or voodoo  If I remember correctly, “Love Potion #9” also played on that jukebox and considering Murphy’s confirmation of a horror love story, I’m thinking the witchcraft voodoo angle might play into that!

Let us know your best American Horror Story Season Three theories in the comments!

UPDATE 2/3/13: Lily Rabe has confirmed via Twitter that she too will be returning for Season Three of American Horror Story.

UPDATE 2/6/13: Taissa Farmiga has also been confirmed for Season Three!

UPDATE 2/7/13: Ryan Murphy has confirmed via Twitter that Frances Conroy will be joining Season Three!

UPDATE 2/17/13: Zachary Quinto will not be back for season three. He revealed the news in a recent interview with The Huffington Post.


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